RockyHill's Practical Guide to Raising Goats

  I have been encouraged to write a goat book.. One that has practical and alternative advice compared to the normal/conventional way of doing things. I have posted on this blog for several years some of these things. But thought maybe I should go about it in a more orderly fashion. If you have read much of my blog here. You will see that I use some conventional methods and also herbal or alternative methods to raising my animals and my family. I think there is a place for both in life. I have combined both for many years with great results. The more natural I can be the more I like it. But sometimes there is a place for the more conventional way of farming and animal husbandry. There are several Right ways to raise animals and farm in general. Like anything else common sense seems to be disappearing. People humanize animals. They don't "think" like people. Each species has their own unique requirements and instincts. I try to remember that when caring for my goats and any other animal I have here at RockyHill.
 After tossing this idea around and even typing up the start of some chapters. I remembered about monetizing my blog.. I thought this would be a way to get feedback, start earning a little money and work out my ideas  refining them before putting them on paper. I can also add photos and drawings of what I am talking about to help explain. By putting ads on my blog it generates a little income for me but doesn't cost my readers anything to learn about goats.
  I have had goats for 13 years.I researched for a year before getting goats what little bit was available then.  I have moderated online goat forums in the past and currently have a Facebook group for Missouri Goat owners that runs a little over 1000 Missouri goat owners of all different breeds and types of management. It is an active group with lots of great members.
  I currently have 13 goats, 9 does due soon, 2 older does that are getting a break from kidding this year, one doeling to young to breed this year and a wether. Plan on adding a 3 year old Nubian doe named Lacey by February if things work out. That will have us milking 10 does by hand this year. Thankfully I have two very willing in-house experienced Dairy maids that own part of our small herd. That will probably be our limit as far as adult does for now. Living on 5 acres with less than that for pasture does limit us.
  I have also been over the 4H goat project(local and county wide) for a few years while my girls were in 4H. I have researched goats till my eyes cross and then some. I try to educate myself constantly and ask a ridiculous amount of questions when around a more experienced goat person. I will talk goats till I am blue in the face.. Only things I talk about more than goats are Jesus, homeschooling and family.
 So wish me luck and stay tuned to see what happens around here!

RockyHill's Practical Guide To Goats

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