Monday, March 12, 2018

Livestock Guardian Dogs

 This is Titus. Our Livestock Guardian Dog and he takes his job very seriously. When we lived on the big farm I felt our goats especially needed protection as coyote came in close. As well as Mountian lion sightings get closer every year. Black bears have been commonly seen now. So we got 2 LGDs Titus was one of them. The other had to be rehomed. Titus on the other hand went to work immediately at not even 3 months old. He took very little training and is an amazing dog.
 He is calm and loves his animals. He lives in the barn with his goats. I plan on getting him a partner in the next year or so. Because if he came up against a threat that was more than he can handle he would have to bluff big time. As it is letting him out to mark fterritory and his big bark seems to keep the would be predators away. He is young still just turned 2 last fall.
 Livestock Guardians dogs are amazing farming partners. They are independent thinkers and not a dog that needs commands to work.
  Titus knows the basics thanks to my youngest daughter. Thats all that is necessary. Usually instincts kick in after that as far as guarding.
 Titus is a cross of a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd. I am finding he is very laid back but aggressive enough with threats to get the job done. Thankfully he respects the electric fence.
 We feed him raw bones occasionally and a dog food that is based with 2 meats and has no corn,soy, wheat or gluten. All of our dogs do amazing on this food. Rarely any worm or external parasite issues.
 I am a firm believer Livestock Guardian dogs are a huge asset to any farm for predator control that allows farms and wildlife to coexist. Llamas, alpacas and donkeys at the end of the day are prey animals that will run when the threat is to great leaving smaller animals like goats and sheep exposed to predator threats.
I am forever sold on the help of good livestock Guardian Dog. And should we be blessed with our own place, I plan on having up to 3-4 dogs to patrol our herd and farm.
 If you plan on having small stock may I suggest research into how to protect them from predators and find a dog suited to your farm.

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Carol said...

We don't have live stock but now that our two big dogs have died we certainly have coyotes. Sometimes so close I worry about taking the little Yorkie out to potty after dark.