Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rest In Peace Sunshine...

 Sunshine passed away some time last night.. She was 13 years old.. The toughest old goat I have ever had.. She was also the 1st goat that was mine.. I got her when she was 2 weeks old along with her sister. I kept Sunshine.. She has taught me many things. She was the least likely to win any sort of show goat award but she survived a newbie goat owner.. I learned how to milk a goat well with her.. When I first started milking her it took me almost 30 minutes to milk.. She was an easy milker.. I was slow. I now milk 7 goats in the time it took me to milk her at the start.
 She had 31 babies in 13 years including a set of quads.. When she kidded this year it was twins and the 1st baby she ever lost was a little doeling this year that was still born. 30/31 kids born live and kicking is an awesome record.
 She was the undisputed herd queen even this year she was still boss till she just decided she wasn't anymore. But the herd still made way for her. It was pretty awesome to watch. She would sit on the hill overlooking the herd once she was done grazing.. She would start hollering when others got out of their fence and never let her babies touch an electric fence. She survived me learning about the barber pole parasite as well as many other things.
 The old goat had a thing for my husband. lol If he was working out in the pen she was always right there watching him... always. :) She loved her humans.. She provided a lot of milk for us over the years..
  It will be tough to go out every day and not see her.. This move was difficult on my old girls.. But I am thankful to have had them for so many years.. A lot can be learned from an old goat.. Her final  resting place is next to the garden that she loved to help clean up at the end of every year..
 Sunshine will be missed.... 

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sorry! My herd queen Daphne lost her top rank this winter, and her grandaughter Anna has been bullying her. Her daughter (not the mother of Anna-she died last winter Anna is out of Daphne's son Derek who passed last winter as well) defends her. Plus, she is smart and puts her daughter and one of the wethers between them, or goes off on her own til things are settled down around the haypiles. I look for her everyday and night when I go is much easier to find them passed than to watch them suffer and have to isolate them in the end. ugh. I don't know how old she is because she had kidded when I bought her-gosh I would have too look it up, but she is one of my originals. I am down to 5 goats.
Hugs, Tree