Friday, September 11, 2015

New Farm Members....

Meet Lucy and Dory
They are American Guinea hog/Kunekune cross hogs.
Both are a heritage breed and smaller than a standard breed.
They get about 200-300 max. 
Are much friendlier than a lot of other pigs.
Bruce is in the background... 

This would be Bruce.. cute face.. that disappeared.. 
We had him in the pen for about an hour and he found a hole and vanished. 
Since he is only about 7 lbs and he is in a 7 acres field that is over knee high and very thick grass..
We fear the worst..
It stormed last night and we could hear coyotes..  and have seen no sign of him so far.. 
He was a cute little bugger too... 

 So this is the start of sustainable bacon for our farm.. Being the breed they are they are easier on pastures, thrive well on what is out there as well. They will also mix with the goats with out any issues. Except kidding season. But the goats will be in the barn for that anyway.. We look forward to piglets in about a year or so. Dory is out of a spotted purebred Kunekune bred to an American guinea Hog Boar so anxious to see what her babies will look like. Lucy's momma was a Kunekune/American Guinea Hog sow bred to an American Guinea Hog Boar. The piglets are adorable.. Just the cutest little bacon bits..
 So just pray we find Bruce... I am off to do something productive..


tree ocean said...

Glad to see a post from you!! Hope everything else is well and you have found Bruce. Maybe check near water?mud?

The goat farm had an American Guinea hog named Laverne. She got very old they didn't eat her. The owners were cautious at kidding season as you mentioned.

I loved Laverne and used to pet her and give her treats. Her hooves were very long and they used to have the vet tranquilize her to do her feet! I think I would have tried a muzzle but I guess hogs can still scream protest when muzzled!

tree ocean said...
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tree ocean said...
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tree ocean said...

oops wasn't posting so now I have triple posted. Tried to trash the extras but that is not working either. lol

Tonia said...

Lol! I fixed it!! I just love when the internet does that to me.. Bruce is gone.. a little 7lb pig here is going to disappear pretty quick in either grass that is knee deep and very difficult to walk through or if he gets outside the fence there are to many predators here.. :/