Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Know I Made Promises......

To be back to regular blog post this year.... But wooooweeee what a month.. Our last doe kidded February 9th with a single buckling. We had a total of 17 babies born here this year. 9 boys and 8 girls. Good Boy/ Girl ratio. Then I bought Ms. Lacey and she came with a set of twins Boy & a Girl. We are now waiting to hear if Kyla will be adding a doeling to her little herd when a friend's doe kids out. As well as one more buckling. Then we will be completely done with babies for the year. We have 2 doelings left to sell as well as boys for market and a few to raise for us for meat. So here is the Overload of Kid pics!
Ivy's girls.. Ivy is half Lamancha & Half Nubian bred to the Nubian buck.. 
She has one with elf ears and one with Nubian ears! 

Kids in Lock up....lol 

The human kids are just enjoying the babies.. They are not in lock up officially.. However if to many more boys start snooping around much more. Their Daddy may have something to say about that..

One little cutie!

It was a 17 kid pile up!

Momma's enjoying the warm sun.. Before the big freeze....

Ivy's girls again.. Just so cute!

More soaking up the Sun..

Valley showing her 'Tude!

The last little guy... His name is Bond..

Nap time... You can see the back of Bond's head here...

Some pretty human kids enjoying the warm day before the big freeze. 

My oldest girly and her 30 week  belly pic. 
We are counting down the weeks till the Grand Boy gets here. :) Still seems a bit unreal. 

  I have taken over the books with our church this last month. Our pastor resigned and has moved away. And we are searching for a new pastor. As well as doing some much needed upkeep on our church. It looks great. I am blessed to attend church with a group of like minded people. We know God has a plan for our church. It is a tough transition that many church do not survive.. but we have many determined members.
 We have also been working on fencing around here! We now have a new buck pen! It currently houses a wether and a steer but is intended for the 2 little bucklings that will be the new herd sires..  I have also been able to completely enclose the barnyard with hog panels that are topped with barbed wire. it provides a secure lock up that doesn't rely on the electric fence. Electric fence will be going back up for the rotational grazing just getting it organized better. It always looks to be the biggest mess in the middle of the "remodel".. All the other animals are doing well too. Still said about our losses this year.. First Little Ms. Hobo my ferocious chicken protector and driveway alarm and then Jinx sweet and beautiful doe that I was so excited to see her babies.... But such is farm life...
  We are enjoying the yummy goat's milk always such a relief to be able to drink it again. and skim the cream off the top for a glorious cup of coffee in the morning.  Made the first batch of cheese last week.. Good GOOD stuff.
 So that is what I have for now... Pray for me.. I need some sleep too.. combination of Bad weather, business of life and a cold that is trying to settle in and I am getting tired.. not to mention the big 4-0 coming up at the end of this week... Just don't seem right! Lol
  Have a blessed night!

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the Goodwife said...

It's not always a bad thing when we are too busy living the simple life to blog about it! :) Your goat babies are adorable, human babies are gorgeous and I love the grandson bump! Your daughters expression is priceless! :) Have a happy birthday!