Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 Out of the south cometh the whirlwind: and cold out of the north. Job 37:9

 Winter has finally showed up!.. We are a week from first possible D-date with the goats. It is about 5* and the wood stove is pumping out the heat.. We are practically hugging the thing! Okay.. so maybe not hugging but its definitely not the usual warmth because it is so cold outside.. I don't know how people way up north survive.. I am not a beach person.. but I For SURE am not a northern cold weather  person!
   I am ready for the Polar Vortex to go BACK where it belongs.. Way up north!.. Anyone else here the tune to North to Alaska when they read Way up North? One of the good Classics. cant beat a good John Wayne Movie.. unless its a Bing Crosby & Bob Hope movie.. And now I am wandering around in my blog post.. Lol
 We had a busy day.. In 9* weather we moved most of my oldest daughter & husbands stuff. Their house is not heating well. After repeated text with the Landlord for 3 months they are done fighting with them.. They have another place but its not ready yet. Places to rent in our town are few and far between.. So many little houses sitting empty. I would love to have the money to buy them, remodel and rent for a decent price. Some are so ridiculously over priced then the utilities cost another arm and a leg its no wonder people are having difficulties. 

  That is it for tonight.. now I am going to go sit as close to the wood stove as humanely possible and feed it wood all night if I have too! :) I am so thankful for affordable GOOD heat...


the Goodwife said...

It's quite cold here in Ky too! Temps of 3* this morning, but last night was wicked cold with the wind chills. The difference with KY and IL is that it never lasts long here in KY like it did in IL. Glad you are all staying warm by the fire!

And yes, I do that with North to Alaska too! I really like that song!

Carol said...

So not liking this bitter cold. Today I have to venture out to the grocery store and not the least bit happy about it :( Have put ti off way too long now.