Tuesday, December 30, 2014


................Was out in FULL FORCE yesterday! Sheewwww I am doing chores for a friend while they are gone. Kyla & Kara are doing our chores here at home.. Yesterday morning they go out to find Hope one of our favorites(all of the goats are our favorites) laid out, barely responding.. Her legs were stiff,she was cold and eyes twitching. They acted quick. Getting her wrapped up in blankets with a heating pad and gave her a dose of Cayenne tincture. By the time I got home 45 minutes later she was still with us but not as stiff.. Definitely showing signs of goat polio. Its usually a secondary issue..

 Hope and her girl from 2 years ago.
  Hope is an 8 year old doe that we have had since she was born. She was born in our herd and thought she was dead when she born because of a difficult birthing. But she survived and is a super hardy goat. This year she raised triplets to 40lbs each at 3 months old. It took a lot out of her so I held off breeding her this year to give her a break. I am so glad I did..
 So back to yesterday.. She was up to date on all her supplements and worming.. I did use chemical dewormers on her last time because I was out of herbals.. She had started having diarrhea 3 days before so I had been treating that too. I ran a fecal on her and found the dreaded Barber pole.. We have had wet warm weather  for December and those nasty little worms love this kind of weather. They are not on pasture right now because there is no grass so I didn't want them to eat it down to nothing. Their diet is Hay and grain right now.
 The good news is with 2 hours she was sitting up on her own. By last night she was chewing her cud and diarrhea has slowed. We are still keeping up the herbals at an acute level. She gets the mix 3 times a day. I have to say using grapefruit juice for electrolytes does amazing things! I followed Kat Drovadahl's suggestion for juicing a grapefruit and giving her that juice. If you haven't ever heard of Fir Meadows I suggest googling her for more info.
 So along with other stuff going on yesterday in the middle of this.. I was so ready for Monday to be over.. But in spite of  it all God did good things for us. Like he does every day! Somethings are on their way to being straightened out, other things are being worked out. Keeping him first every day..
  We now have the house back into reasonable order and all the Christmas put away. my oldest is coming to stay the night while her husband is gone. Looking forward to spending time with her.. And my little Grandson in the making.... :) I always said I was going to be a Mawmaw.. but now that I am there.. It just seems strange! Haha! I hear Mawmaw I think of the wonderful Mawmaw I had... She has been gone for many years.. but she left an amazing impression on me  even though I was only 7 years old when she died.. Many family members say I may not look like her but I have her ways..

My Mawmaw when she was young. 

 This scripture really got me yesterday..  Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it. Psalm 34:14...  How often do we pursue peace??? Sometimes we are so set on getting our way that we forget about peace... Some things are just not worth the peace they destroy... 
 And thats a wrap for now! :) 

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