Monday, October 13, 2014

26 DAYS!!!!!!!!!................................

 These 2 turned 17 at the end of September. Time does fly when you are having fun.. We are 26 days away from their older Sister getting married! Which is just crazy too! lol We are submerged in wedding stuff.. Kyle's favorite saying right now is that Hobby Lobby has thrown up in our house and its a MESS!.  Its fun.. Crazy and a little overwhelming for this Mother of the Bride! But before we know it, it will all be done and over.
 Lots of things have been on my mind lately.. A wedding can bring the good AND the Bad out in people.. We have had a little family drama lately.. The kind that just makes me shake my head and I want to tell a "mature" woman to grow up and realize everything is not about her.. In fact some actions are so purely selfish they scare would be friends away. I pray that I am Never like this person.. My belief is when some one marries into a family, you are doing just that...becoming Family! However... Some people even after many years still view an In-law as an outsider.. It is really sad.. I am thankful for my family that has shown me how to be accepting of those that are brought into the family.
 When I am overwhelmed seems to be the time when this person decides to take stabs at me.. She brings many things on herself by refusing to see past her own nose. By only seeing her situation. There is a whole world out there and when you get wrapped up in petty grievances they tend to grow to enormous proportions. That is a good reason to help others.. It keeps your problems in prospective. Some things are just not so big. When you help some one, then some one will be there to help you.. That is the way things work. Or the best way for thing to work..
 I an thankful for the Family and friends God has blessed me with. My girls and my husband are such a blessing. And now I am going to have a Son-In-Law to add to the mix. I believe he is the perfect fit for my oldest. He is a nice guy and I believe God definitely had a hand in this.
 I am a Blessed woman..


the Goodwife said...

Congrats on the wedding! It's wonderful to have children who acknowledge God's hand in their lives! I know if they build their new home on God's foundation they will be fine!

As for the person you are talking about, people like that are just pitiful! They are the ones that miss out, and cheat themselves out of blessings.

I'm so glad things are going well for you Tonia!

tree ocean said...

I was just talking about that to the Firebird today-how I am happy when I can learn from others and hopefully inspire them in return, but those that come from a position of un-informed opinion or bias I find very frustrating and depressing.,

I guess you know where you fall since I have been following you for many years now. :)

Ack the twins have grown up too!! I can't believe they are just a bit older than the Firebird he was 17 the beginning of October.

Gosh seems yesterday they were all just tweenlings. He thinks they are pretty btw. :)

Too bad we couldn't arrange a match I would LOVE to have you for an inlaw! :D

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Dang kids think they need to grow up.. To bad Arranged marriages are not the norm huh? LOL