Monday, June 16, 2014

Just A Country Girl......

 When I was younger.. Before Jr. high and high school I was a country kid.. Spent summers barefoot and running through the woods and fields. Riding bikes, playing in mud and swimming in rivers. I love my Jesus, my family and friends/church. I had a great childhood full of good things. Not perfect by any means and not free from heart ache that is for sure. My Mawmaw died when I was 7 years old. She had a big impact on my life even at that young age. She was very much missed by her whole family.
 When I was a teenager things sort of changed in our family. We quit attending church and things just kind of fell apart in our family structure. My parents are not divorced or anything like that. But it was not ideal for many years. They had a permissive parenting style at the time that got me & my brother in a lot of trouble that would have been avoided if they had been stricter.. But whats done is done.. We ALL learned from it.  Jesus helped pick up the pieces many years ago and healed our family. Drawing us back to him. Again not perfect but definitely a better life.
  As a teenager I said I was going to many different things. Anything from a fashion designer to a teacher to an artist..  One thing that was constant from the time I was very young was my desire to be a wife and mother.. And in that order. ;) I was blessed with an awesome husband. We started out fairly young compared to some. We have had our share of ups and downs but I feel like we have a good solid marriage of almost 20 years now.. Time flies when you are having fun.
 So back to what I wanted to do or be when I grew up.. I never could really settle on any one career. My art teacher told me I had talent in working with clay and sculptures. I still would love to do that some day. I lasted 6 weeks in college working towards a career in education as an art teacher. Never realized all those things I bounced around from would one day play into my everyday life.
 When we had kids we were going to send them to public school because that is the way things were suppose to happen, right?.... Boy were we in for a surprise.. Long story short.. Public school was not for us... ever.. We lived in the country, we got various animals over the years.. Goats stuck around the longest.. Well besides the chickens. :) My plans when I was younger was to move to the city.. St. Louis was on my radar for some reason. We live in a town with barely 600 people. Its Awesome! The closest Walmart? 25 miles.. oh darn I so miss that place..  We have been blessed more than I can even fathom sometimes. God has kept us through thick and thin. We have learned many lesson in life. Some hard and some not so hard. If I could compare our ideal life 20 years ago to our ideal life now.. It would probably be polar opposites. We have lived and learned. We are content and happy with our life. We have 3 beautiful girls that are almost grown, a marriage that is founded on biblical principles, family and friends that are a blessing.
 I am true to that country girl I was as a blond headed girl. I have made a circle back to being barefoot in the summers, swimming in the rivers and walking through fields and woods. I love my Jesus, my family, my friends and my church. God has an amazing way of helping us Find our way in life if we trust him. I was reading in Romans 4:19-21 the other day.. Talking about Abraham and how even though his body was weak and things didn't look like it was possible. He kept his faith in God without staggering. Because of that God's promise worked.  He had a son, he was the father of many nations as promised. I intend to have faith. God has promised to do as promised if I have faith and do my part. :)
 I  have passed on my country girl ways to my girls. They are amazing kids with their own strengths and weakness. To see them grow and mature has been one of the hardest & easiest things I have done in this life. I am thankful God has brought me full circle to where I need to be. That all those things I thought I wanted to be when I grew up were some how rolled in to one thing. That one thing is being a Wife and Mother.. I have designed clothes for my girls, taught them many things including art, and many other things.
 I am not college educated like some thought I should be.. but I have found its not necessary to have a college education to be successful in this life.  Contentment and Happiness are not dependent on how much money or things you have. Its not dependent on how big your house is or how many cars you have.. Its dependent on your mindset..  I am just a country girl......
  "But godliness with contentment is great gain..." 1 Timothy 6:6

P.S. I will be back with fair results & pics in a day or two.. We had our first fair last week and another one this week.. We have had awesome results. :)

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