Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fair Time!!! Tri-County Fair.....

Our Grand Champions in each breed.
Lamancha, Crossbred Dairy and Nubians

2 in the top 3 for Supreme Champion
We took home Reserve and 3rd. 

Candice/Sadie & Kara/Chaos 

Top 3 yearling Nubians. :)

Candice/Lily in the Meat Goat show.. Lily needed a break... 

Kara & Ceci out for a stroll

Kyla/Gracie & Kara/Ceci taking a walk..
It helps calm the goats to get out and explore
 so they are not so scared of everything come show time. 

Lily getting bathed.. She did NOT appreciate it..

Is this not the cutest thing??
Watching the Antique Tractor pulls.

Things can get a little weird some times...
Especially that oldest kid of mine.. :)

Okay maybe more than a little weird...

Kara's drawing won Over All best in Art work.

Kyla got several Red & Blues
They both have been invited to display their work
 at a local art show in a few weeks. 

Chaos asking if its time to go home yet?

My redneck and his sweet trailer he built for us!
He built it from the ground up out of scrap metal for the most part. 
He is awesome like that. :) 

 We are home enjoying a day or two of down time before the next fair this weekend.. Its a fun crazy time of year.


Carol said...

Congrats to the girls for all of their work and ribbons!!! Exciting they got invited to the art show, are they going to do it?

Anonymous said...

Great to see a post from you! Congratulations sounds like you cleaned up at the Fair!