Thursday, April 24, 2014

R.I.P. Ms. Emily 2003-2014

I know eventually you have to say good bye to your old ones.. But I was hoping for a few more years with Ms. Emily here. She just didn't get back up after this year's rough kidding. She probably had nerve damage in her leg and possibly spine too. Thank you to Brenda for helping us say good bye to her. It's never an easy decision to make but Emily's quality of life was rapidly going down hill. I didn't want her to suffer anymore.
 She came to live with us a few years ago from Brenda's herd. I have a small place and Emily was having difficulty staying up with the herd at Brenda's that roams about 250 acres daily.
 She was a sweet ol'gal that loved the babies. All the babies would lay around her even when she didn't have any in the bunch. She will be missed but my heart is eased to know she is no longer suffering, wanting to be out in the sunshiny pasture and not being able to go out there. She left a beautiful doeling this year we named Ms. Chaos who has her mother's sweet personality and is a flashy well built little girl...
 Rest in peace Ems......

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Brenda said...

Rest well, Miss Em. You are missed. Your daughters and grand daughters and great grand daughters are a cherished part of my herd.

Hugs to you all ... Tonia and girls.