Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cayenne The little miracle worker.

     I realize it have been a little over a month since I posted anything.. Sheeewwww time flies. We have had our first real snow of the year already. We got about 10 inches locally.... And it is freezing. But there are good things for that.. #1 Really cold temps zap the little parasites I have been struggling with this last summer in my goats. We are about 2 months away from kidding.. I have 3 more that are bred for May now.. 

 So on with my post. I use Cayenne a lot with my animals. It is an amazing herb. Even though it gets warm and burns on your skin or if you get it in your eyes it will not damage tissue. Not saying to drop it in your eyes but if it does get there it wont make you go blind.. 
 The main precaution is if you have a snake or spider bite do not use it. Cayenne makes your blood flow well and it will help move the venom faster. But other than that I use it for many ailments in my animals especially the goats.. 

  I make a Cayenne Tincture with either the Powder or the whole pepper dried and crushed. I add 1 cup of cayenne to 3 cups of Apple cider vinegar. You mix it in a glass jar and give it at least a daily shake for 4-6 weeks. Then you strain out the powder and bottle it in a dark glass jar or store in a dark cool place. Tincturing preserves the properties in the herbals.
It takes a very small amount of tincture to treat. It can also be double and tripled dose if you are in an emergency situation.

 It also stops bleeding.. I keep Cayenne powder with me when I am trimming hooves. Because you know one of them is going to bleed. If they jerk about the time you clip... They usually bleed.. Now I know.. Just sprinkle on some Cayenne.It usually stops it with in seconds.. Works MUCH better than the Bloodstop powder you can buy at the farm store.. That stuff has never worked for me when I needed it..
 You can use it to stop internal bleeding too! This is a list of things I use it to either treat or boost the other herbs and meds I may be using. 

  • Acting off but not sure what is wrong
  • Any illness or parasite issue 
  •  Lethargic & weak newborn kids and adults 
  • A bleeding wound even puncture type wounds, 
  • Bone breaks, (its Natural Pain reliever) 
  • Hoof trimming gone bad, 
  • Disbudding, 
  • Birthing problems
  •  Internal Bleeding including Uterine hemorrhaging
  •  Clears mucous from respiratory problems
  •  It is a general healing/first aid herb.
 If I have a goat that is acting off but I am Not quite sure what is going on. I usually give them a dose of Cayenne tincture. It has replaced Fortified B-complex in my Goat arsenal of meds.  I get a greater response out of it. B-complex is still sometimes needed but this maybe the thing that allows their own system to work properly and fight off what ever may be ailing them. Sometimes it is not but it gives you more time to work with them.  We use it on our chickens too. If one is looking a little pale in the comb and wattles.. They get a few drops of cayenne tincture. I use the powder in their worming routine too.
 With it being so cold right now I have even put some in the chickens water. 

For people it works too. My human kids grab cayenne tincture for any open sore. They say it burns a little but it heals it up fast. They are teenagers and so of course you have the dreaded break outs. They put a drop on the really bad ones.
  Cayenne is a source of Vitamin A, the B's, C and E... As well as many other things that are beneficial to a healthy body. 

 Here is a source to buy Cayenne tincture. HERE
 Here are some links to do more research. Let me know what you think or if you have tried Cayenne for anything..








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I didn't realize how good cayenne was!!! Good to know!! Thanks!