Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Poke Root

Poke root I dug up today..
 The big piece had 4 stalks growing out of it.
For the best medicinal value you want a root about 3 years old.

This is after cleaned up and slicing/grating/shredding..
Its a little woody but not bad to cut up. 

Fresh Poke Root being infused into oil.
Working on Poke Root Salve..
So most people believe that poke weed is poisonous. But others believe it works so well it can be very harsh. I will provide different links at the end of the with some of the info I have found on it. I am starting with Poke salve. I have a goat that has a high somatic cell count. I believe it can be fixed naturally. Poke Root Salve is for Tumors, Growths, Mastitis,swellings, and Swollen Lymph Nodes....
 The tincture is so potent that "they" say to start with One drop at a time twice a day and to use only for current conditions not as a preventative.I am not attempting a tincture at this point. Think I will stick with a salve. Just a note though...There have been many herbs that the "mainstream' have said are poisonous or something of that nature.. But in reality its not. It like regular medicine its not meant to be taken all the time.It's meant for short term use small amounts at a time. Just because its Natural does NOT mean its safe to take ridiculously large amounts of an herb for long periods of time. 
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Very interesting! I'm looking forward to hearing how this turns out.