Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY Hay & Mineral Feeder

Checking out the new mineral feeder..
We flipped the barrel on its top because they are top heavy. 
Plan on adding something to keep the rain out so I can move it outside when its not cold. 

 How its attached so the goats can't knock it over.
There is an eye bolt Kyle attached to the back to attach it.

This is the Hay feeder..
Eye bolt is similar to the Mineral feeder..

The wethers checking it out. I had to take them out of the main pen again.
The girls were beating up on them.. I was hoping to process them by the end of this month..
But unless they gain about 50lbs we wont be processing them... 

I had to put a strap around it to keep it from leaning..
Its hanging from the top of a 5ft cattle panel.

Kyle cute the top off and flipped it over and it fits like a lid.
There are 2 eye bolts on either side and a bungee cord to hold it in place.
He cut the space out and then used that piece to make a guard to keep rain out..
There is a piece a 4X4 field fencing inside to keep it from all being pulled out at once.
 It's attached securely with wire to the barrel. 

 We have had a little bit of a hard time this year.. From the wethers that we lost to one of my does who started miscarrying last week.. I was hoping to keep a boy out of her for breeding next year.. But its not to be.. I have been dosing her morning and night with an herbal tincture I made up for kidding and antibiotic type. She is doing okay so far. I just hope she recovers well. She is one of my best girls..
 That's it for today! i hope everyone has a GREAT night. :)


Queenacres said...

I was just thinking how I could turn a barrel into a feeder for Chaffhaye. You've given me some great ideas, thanks!

Sorry to hear about your doe. I hope she comes through alright.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! I've had terrible problems with my goats wasting hay (don't they always!) and have been looking for hay feeders that are goat-friendly since mine have horns. I've even got one of these barrels in my back yard right now! excellent! I won't be able to hang it up, but will probably put it on a stand and then secure it to the fence post to keep it from being knocked over. Thanks!