Thursday, October 10, 2013

WOW Did Time Get Away From Me Or What???

These 2 turned 16 in September, it rained we had a houseful of people.. But It was fun anyway. It quit raining and was nice out. We still had a bonfire and the kids had fun. Not every day they turn 16.. They had friends over that stayed the night too. It was a crazy weekend.  I am proud of these 2. They may be twins but they are as different as can be.  Kids are awesome to begin with but  twins is such a crazy experience.
Funny thing is that on the side of my family that has NO twins anywhere there are now 3 sets. My girls, a set of  identical twin boys and another set of Fraternal girls. Mine are not identical. 

So Mr. Zeke is Gone..
  He went to his new home that had 50 plus does waiting for him.. I think he will be MUCH happier there. I am just hoping all the does settled before he left.. He was going out of rut so I think they did.. They just like to keep me guessing. Like last year.. When I thought NO one was bred and all BUT one was.. I am on to their little tricks..  Things have quieted down around here. We sold off 12 wethers and kept 4 for meat. We have a total of 20 goats now. Of course come kidding season that number can double or triple easily.
 We added some new animals..
 Got my ducks all lined up...
 This is Duke, Daisy and Daffy.. They are Muscovy ducks. They are still young and probably wont lay till next spring. Hoping to raise up babies for processing later down the road. Duck is a rich dark meat and good for you. Muscovy ducks can usually hatch 2 clutches a year with around a 11 each time. They are easy to care for too. Since we have little to no issue with predators here I think they will do fine. They are in the chicken pen along with their "pond". They seem to enjoy it..
 We are getting ready for the 4H petting zoo at the Fall festival in town this weekend. It's a lot of fun, work.. but fun. We are down in numbers. Some had to move, some graduated and some have to much going on. But I still love our kids. They are some of the best. Always willing to work and are always such fun kids.
 That is all I have for now. I will try not to lose touch again. But got a lot of stuff coming up in the next few weeks.. Have a great weekend everyone and God Bless you guys!

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