Sunday, August 4, 2013

Rainy Days Of August?.....

So typically in August its Hot.. no rain or very little more than a little shower here and there...
Friday night into Saturday morning we got over 7 inches of rain..
It has been raining all day now..  and More is predicted!
Hope, Polly and Arwen are in the Boat!

This was the river last Tuesday.. 
It cleared up enough for this last rain that came through and they are all rolling again.

Pretty barn on the hill... I love old barns!

Our driveway after 7plus inches of rain in about 6-7 hours.

Apparently this plastic is not going to hold up for the green house..
Found Clear Vinyl tarps online.. 30mil... 
Thinking that should work and they aren't as expensive as I thought they would be...
But still a little more than I have right now. 
Its on the future purchase list. :)

  I am thinking we are no longer in a drought around here.... Its pretty squishy every where! Such a relief after last year.. So very green now! I hope everyone has a blessed night!

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