Friday, July 12, 2013

Small Towns...

 What a cute little Sheep Herder... This is from one of the Fairs we went to in June.. He was just so stinkin Cute, I had to take his picture.. He knew what he was doing too.

 Okay so back to small towns.. I LOVE them..
 Today we had to go to the closest big town to pick up the girls art work from the fair.. And I left more stressed just from driving through the place.. It was the town I was raised in.. So was my mom and my dad.. and it has gotten to big for its Britches. I would just rather not go there...ever... I have friends and family there still seeing how there are several generations on both sides of the family that have been in that county.. But we are no longer there and rarely visit..
 We moved to our current place about 4 years ago.. The town has less than 700 people.. Only a flashing light at the main 4-way.. Its a fairly busy little town in spite of it all. And when we have to go to the bigger towns I am ever so happy to get back to our little town.. 95% of the people are probably related some way some how.. Lol.. My girls , my husband and I love it dearly!
 So many people have wanted to move away from the small towns that sometimes I am afraid we are losing them.. Then when you see them work together you know we are not losing them.. People will always want to come back to raise their kids here..
 Life is simple here.. well much more simple then trying to drive through a town where everyone is in a hurry to get some where..
 Have a great weekend everyone!


Brenda said...

I'm glad you're blogging again. I enjoy reading your posts. :D

Julia said...

..and it's the little things in life, the simple that breathe life into us. {{hugs}} Have a lovely weekend!