Saturday, March 2, 2013

Goats On The Brain

Where there is a will there is a way... 

WAITTTT I didnt get that... last...little..drop.....

If I had thumbs we would so be getting our own bottles!

Yummy Weeds!!!

Looks like their ears are all tucked up nice and neat..
They are actually swinging around like crazy..
I just happened to catch them like this...

Mercy Filing her formal complaint about the mud..
I personally am not complaining about mud..
but the cold can go north for the spring/summer.. 
I am ready for green grass, spring rain and warm temps..
 With now 18 bottle babies it feels like we feed babies, milk and feed goats.. then other stuff when we Its been cold too so that makes chores harder.. Winter decided to hit us in one cold blast.. Snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and wind.. Did I say cold?? Cold too.. I am ready for spring, warm rain and sunshine... And planting the garden.. and Hope to kid.. and to try out the new pasture situation..
 But for now its cold... but we did have sun today... So that's good!
 I hope everyone has a great relaxing Sunday!!


WeldrBrat said...

We've been at this place over 4 years now. However, we've lived in this region for almost 12 years. This is the very first month of March that we've had to heat the house in the morning. I'm just totally stumped.

Flat Creek Farm said...

Love the pics and your captions! They are so darned cute! Yes, I am SO ready for Spring. Feels like this blanket of snow will never leave. Thankful for the moisture though ;) -Tammy