Saturday, March 9, 2013


She Kidded!!
Twin Girls!!!
 They were trying to come at the same time.. But other than that they were in position!.. So with a little help first time ever to help Hope kid.. We got them out.. Only one left is Freckles Hope's girl from last kidding season.. But she isnt due till at least April 30...
 So our grand total so far is 12 kids total 7 boys and 5 girls.. Not to shabby!


WeldrBrat said...

Does this mean you can enjoy a whole cup of HOT coffee for a while? lol Congrats! They're sooo cute!!

pinepod said...

Congrats on all the goats! Don't really miss those days of kidding season though.


Gail said...

What a wonderful bouquet of babies.

I still have trouble seeing the correct letters in word verification. I am not a robot but my vision is not so good. I give it three tries and then give up if I haven't guessed the correct answer by then.

Queenacres said...

Congrats! I love seeing all the kid pics!