Saturday, March 30, 2013

Do We Have A Nest??

Red arrow shows where the nest is....
 And how far it is from me in the pictures..
Well at least gives you an idea...

This was flying above it...
Another was perched in the tree when we first saw it..

This is my Camera zoomed all the way out...
Its along a river that is south of us..
I emailed the MDC the pics..
They keep a data base of all the Eagles Nest in the state..
They said it possibly could be a Great Heron's nest as they build sizable nest.
That was before I sent the pics.. 
 Its quite a distance from the road.. I would love to walk farther back to see if it is Eagles.. But we don't know who owns the land... So we will see what they say..

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Queenacres said...

Cool! Watch your chickens and baby goats...and any rabbits you have. Those eagles will need a LOT of food to raise their chicks. They nest here along Lake O' the Pines and have been known to steal fish from fishermen. They get pretty bold when they have hungry babies!