Monday, February 25, 2013

Cuteness Awareness Day!

(finally It showed the title.. FYI.. I made that Cuteness Awareness Day part up)
Noo I promise I haven't picked up a Beer, Wine and Soda habit lately...
But this is the counter top when getting ready for bottle feeding time..

This is 16 of our 17 bottle babies.. 
Most come from a friend with a Goat dairy 
then we have a few of our own for different reasons plus our new girls.

These 2 love the crates.. 

To bad this pic isnt clear... 

Scrawny #4.. He has actually put on weight..
He was #4 out of Sunshine's Quads...

Cracker  Convinced we are trying to starve him to death..

Elsie lording it over the Nubians..
My crates! You long-eared Freaks!

Ms. Gracie.. She is just to sweet!

Cracker again.. let me tell you this is actually Trouble incarnate..

Disputing Ownership of the crates...

Sunshine's biggest boy peeking at me..

Katie's Boy Ink Spot nibbling on some hay.. 

Ms. Ivy a sweet little Nubian/Lamancha Cross..
She just oozes cuteness... :) 

 So an update... Bonnie had twin boys.. not doing well in the momma department.. She started out good but as soon as they started playing with the other babies. She started refusing them.. She has some other issues too that i was already on the line about keeping her.. so I am afraid we will have to cull her... Not fun and one of the bad things about livestock.. You have to make hard choices..
 We are down to 1 doe left to kid.. Hope... Here is to Hoping for a polar opposite of Sunshine's Quad boys.. Quad girls would be awesome... with black and white spots, or black with frosted ears or both.. or solid black... Lol.. Nothing to particular there..Lol
 We are also getting ready for a second winter storm.. Some places west of us of up 24 inches of snow  predicted. We are looking at rain changing to snow with accumulation of 1-3 inches possibly..  We will see! 


Brenda said...

I love the all baby photos!

Becky said...

Cute babies! Hope your last delivery goes well! The sun is shining here in SC Kansas. The boys have been out of school for a week now, and we have 14- 16 inches of snow in our yard.

Queenacres said...

I love the baby pics! I have a question, though. Why not use lambar buckets instead of bottles?

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Queenacres I considered it but I like knowing exactly how much each kid is getting, I had the bottles and the scrap stuff to make the rack.. So thats the way we went with it. :)