Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kids All Over The Place.....

Polly had kidded the Night her Momma Ethel Died.
With a large 10lb single buck..
Yes there are 2 in the pic..
She adopted one Of Sunshine's Quads.....

Yep 4 Boys from Sunshine!!!
We are bottle feeding the one that is wild colored in the back there..
He was struggling and took to the bottle pretty easy.
So Sunshine has 2 babies on her, one fostered on Polly and one on a bottle..
They weighed 10,8,6 and 6 lbs each.. 30lbs of baby!!

Katie had triplets this morning!!
2  does and a buck! 
She is an excellent momma!

Here are all 3 dried off..
from left to right 
Girl 7lbs,Girl 8lbs Boy 7.5lbs

One of Sunshine's boys "helping"! 

Sunshine and Polly's boys waking up from a nap..
 We are running around like crazy here.. We currently have 15 bottle babies.. We have picked up 3 new doelings and with our boys born here we have 11 bucklings to raise for meat so far and 1 of our doelings on the bottle. Then 2 girls and 5 boys in the barn on momma!... At least I think that is the count!!
 I have 2 more mommas to kid.. And the trade deal we got going on for boys to raise for meat they still have 15-16 does to kid.. but we have a break there till the middle of March and hopefully they have more girls than boys! :)
 I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday and remember your Creator and see how blessed you are...


Danielle Chapin said...

Congratulation Tonia on the great kidding :-) God Bless

We started kidding with two beautiful doelings both polled .Baby pics on our website

Missy said...

A beautiful group. Congrats!

tree ocean said...

bet you're busy! Hope you had a bundle of doelings this week and smooth deliveries!