Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bottle Baby Feeding Rack

Kyle finished up my bottle baby feeding rack yesterday!!
Should make it much easier to feed multiple babies..

Hopefully the pics are self-explanatory.. Now why am I preparing for bottle babies when I plan on letting moms raise babies?? Well because we have a deal worked out with a friend with a goat dairy to take her bucks and bottle raise them. We will be raising them for meat. So they will have a good albeit short life here to be sold as meat in a few months.. We have 4 so far...She has 20+more does to kid..
 We are on D-day here with nothing to show for it.. As soon as we have babies We will post pics!


Sri Lanka Tours said...

very creative you are a genius

WeldrBrat said...

What would we do without PVC pipe?! Hubs is talking about using it for gutters to catch rain of the roofs of the sheds for the new pastures we're fencing off this year.

Awesome job! Hope you grab photos when it starts doing the job!

chapintanch said...

great idea Tonia very inventive