Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth And Bentonite Clay

Mercy.. She growing out to be an awesome little goat!!
I say little because she is still young.. But no where Near little.
She is as big as some of my 18 month old girls..
 So one with the title..  I have used Diatomaceous Earth or better known as D.E. off and on for several years.. never really convinced it works as a wormer like some claim for goats especially.. It does work for External parasites in the goats though.. I finally decided to give it a Real try as a supplement. I researched it and the only D.E. I can get that's affordable and Close was Red Lake Earth  which is actually a mix of 67% D.E.(skeletal remains of Algae) and 33% of Montmorillonite or as we call it Calcium Bentonite Clay. Its is a Food AND Feed grade product.. So even though I purchase it from the feed store I can use it too!
 One of the things that stood out to me when researching it was how good it was for circulation.. Due to Genetics I have those ugly things called varicose veins.. They had been giving me more trouble this year then ever.. Very hot and painful.. Swelling due to them... Not to mention the unsightly bulging purplish/blue veins.. So about 3 weeks ago I started taking the D.E./Bentonite Clay mix.. I mix a 1/4 tsp in with my morning Hot Chocolate that also has a 1/2 tsp of Unrefined Coconut oil in it.. While the mix is a little gritty it really has no bad flavor that is not covered up by cocoa.. You got to keep it stirred up to get it all so it doesn't settle to the bottom..
 I hadn't really thought much more about my legs.. I wear leggings and longer skirts because I am uncomfortable with how they look.. I looked at them last night and there is almost No blueish/purple to them. They are less than Half the size they were and I am no longer swelling or hurting.. I am not saying its a miracle cure all.. I don't believe any pill, powder or drug is.. But I have walked for exercise because I am told that helps the most with Varicose veins but it never helped me that much..
 I am also taking it because like the animals we need minerals.. And a lot of diseases can be linked back to a mineral or vitamin deficiency.. They are starting to see that some animals have less issues if they have the right amount of minerals they need..
 Just for your info.. Here are some of the links with info on D.E. and Bentonite Clay.. I take them with a grain of salt because most are trying to sell you something.. And I am very leery of a salesperson in any shape or form!
  D.E. Foodgrade Powder

 ****One thing to remember when looking for D.E. or Bentonite clay you want to get FOOD GRADE!!!  It has to be Food grade!****

For the animals I started adding it to the Goats feed a few months ago.. I started out with a small amount sprinkling it over the top of their sticky wet oats.. Wet = Molasses not water.. Till I got to the amount I wanted them to eat.. I don't mean for it to worm them just help with general health as a mineral supplement.. 
 The chickens I do the same.. Except their feed is wet because its predominately wheat mids which is a powdery feed. So it gets mixed with Water, D.E./B. clay, small amount of oats and black oil sunflower seeds.. Chickens and Goats get the same thing in their feeds just different ratios.. They are all doing really well with it.. 
 There is my 2 cents for today... On to purging the house of unwanted, unused or useless stuff!!! 

Oh ONE more thing... Been using it in toothpaste.. Something worth researching.. Especially with all the Fluoride and Glycerin filled products for cleaning your teeth.... 


Anonymous said...

Trying the red lake de. Started three days ago. I have a slew of medical issues that doctors just want to give pills for but in my mind the side effects are not worth it. So far so good. I have noticed my skin disease,(which there is no cure for) seems to be diminishing. I've been mixing a spoonful in water at bedtime. I've had the bag for almost a year and have done a lot of research but couldn't get past the worry of if its safe. Then the other day I just decided to give it a real try. How are you feeling now?

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I think it is making a definite improvement in my health! I can tell when I don't take my daily dose for a few days. Everyone here is using it as part of their toothpaste and its getting rave reviews around here. :) My bad tooth is actually hurting less and I am hoping that it will remineralize eventually. Teeth do remineralize they have found if you don't use tooth paste with Fluoride or Glycerin they will actually heal a cavity..
I think adding this to our daily routine as a supplement has done a lot of good.

deidrebee said...

Hey, I just got some food grade de mixed with bentonite calcium by accident.. Are you still using it? What is your current opinion on using it with chickens and varicose veins? Thanks.

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I still take it daily personally. My legs rarely hurt from the varicose veins. I add it to the goats mineral mix and the chickens feed. I still like it for all of the above including the tooth powder I mix up that everyone in the house uses. :)

Vicki Bradshaw said...

I just found your site and really like it! I just wanted to ask if you use equal parts DE and Bentonite. If this posts twice, chalk it up to my ignorance in how this works :) thank you for answering my question.
Blessings, vicki

Tammy Swain said...

Hey, this is Tammy! I bought the same Red Lake Earth several days ago to put on our dog and cats for fleas. I had read so many health benefits about it, and well, I wanted to try it. I kept reading and couldn't quite find the answers I was looking for until this morning on your blog. The whole "food chemical codex grade" was confusing me. I prayed last night that the Holy Spirit would give a confirmation and peace about using it. After reading that you had the same kind, with the calcium bentonite, clay and all.......I tried it this morning. I'm alive!!! I was sooooooo nervous! I'm into a lot of natural things but this was the craziest thing I've ever tried. I don't have any major medical issues but I wanted it for health maintenance. There is more positive things said about it than negative. Most of the negative things seem to be posted by people who are a bit ignorant of the DE anyway. Well, it's weird but I'm going for another glass in the morning. I only did 1/2 tsp this morning and will for the next several days then I will increase it. I will monitor my body and see what happens. (People do think I'm crazy though, especially those who run to the doctors for everything!)

Tonia said...

It does cause your body to detox.. So make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to move the toxins out.. :)