Monday, July 30, 2012

What A Week!!......

Rabbits in their tent city...
In an effort to be more natural with them
 we have been putting them in this during the day...

This is Penny... Or so we thought a Penny...
Turns out HE is a Sheldon...
Yes we watch Big Bang theory as long as they keep it clean...

Mercy.... thinking....Mmmhhmmmm 

Sunflowers and Sprinkler...

Bar and BQ...
They broke out the other day... 
Cant say that I blame them..
I wish I could offer them more pasture but I cant.
They should be ready to go to the processors by the end of August..
We are going to try and measure them and estimate their weight..

Told ya.. Of course that is Freckles in the front.. 
But she followed Mercy up there..
Chicks are growing... 
We have them in the goat pen cleaning up after the goats...

I am convinced she is a stinker....

Here Mercy is pawing at Freckles almost like she was trying to push her off..
 So it has been an eventful week... The wrecking of my Van(moment of Silence for my farm truck please....) Figuring out the rabbit we thought was a girl since January is really a boy, Pigs breaking out, Trying to fit all 3 teenage girls in the back of a Toyota Corolla(rental), fretting over the wreck, the bills, got my feelings hurt by a friend, Rain going around us, forming South of us, and well its just been one of those weeks.. But God gave me a scripture when I was headed out to where Kyle had wrecked the van..
  Romans 8:28... All things work together for good to them that love God......... That was going over and over in my mind.. all the way out there.. I thought at the time that Kyle had been at fault in the wreck.. Was fretting over the lack of Insurance since we drive Salvage and most places will not provide full coverage. But I tend to over think things before we have all the details..  We still are not sure what is going to happen.. Kyle was not at fault but we are still waiting.. That waiting is painfully drawn out..... Feels like its been weeks.. It will just be a week.....
  Its the waiting to see if they are actually going to total the van.. Are they actually going to cover all the cost of what this is really costing us? Will we have to really fight for it or just bicker a little? Then I realized... God cant fix it if I don't let it go.. If I am constantly taking it away from Him and agonizing over it then putting it back in his hands.. He cannot fix things If I don't leave it there... So Once a again I put it in his hands.. AND leave it there.. All of it.. The whole week.. The Big Stuff... the little stuff  And ALLLL The in between Stuff....
 Oh and By the way... 3 teen girls between the heights of 5'6" and 5'7" sort of fit in the back of the Corolla... They kind of looked like Sardines in a can... and Kyle resembles Mr. Incredible behind the wheel of such a tiny vehicle....LOL... It has provided some good laughs..
 So with that... I will end with this.....

 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of theLord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord. Isaiah 54:17


Brenda said...

Good thing the chickie hut is strong enough to withstand goat play time!

Praying that this week is much better for you all. :D

Queenacres said...

You are doing the best thing by turning over to God. Take a deep breath and hang in there! At least you can enjoy watching the critters. :)

chapinranch said...

Hang in there Tonia btw great looking teenagers :-)

"I am only tiny sparrow,
A bird of low degree;
My life is of little value,
But the dear Lord cares for me.
I have no barn nor storehouse,
I neither sow nor reap;
God gives me a sparrow's portion,
But never a seed to keep.
"I know there are many sparrows;
All over the world they are found;
But our heavenly Father knoweth
When one of us falls to the ground.
"Though small, we are never forgotten;
Though weak, we are never afraid;
For we know the dear Lord keepeth
The life of the creatures he made.
"I fly through the thickest forest,
I light on many a spray;
I have no chart nor compass,
But I never lose my way.
And I fold my wing at twilight
Wherever I happen to be;
For the Father is always watching,
And no harm will come to me.
I am only a little sparrow,
A bird of low degree,
But I know the Father loves me;
Have you less faith than we?"
—Christian's Secret of a Happy Life

tree ocean said...

I am so sorry to hear about the accident! I hope everything works out ok!

Great pix, the trees do look dry even though your sunflowers and bunny clover look great! I saw a plan once to bury the fencing in the ground so the bunnies can dig a warren but not dig out. You wouldn't be able to get to the babies, though. I think handling them everyday putting them out is a good idea, things are always better locked up at night. Good looking pigs. I have met a few pigs I liked but I never liked keeping them! Goats are a pain too come to think of it, lol.

Anonymous said...

What a headache. Getting our new vehicle was stressing me out and we didn't even wreck our old one. Hopefully this week goes better for you.

Julia said...

{{hugs}} Tonia....sorry this week has been a hard one. Giving "it all over" to God is the best thing we can do. ONly then can we see His Miracles! Praying for a miracle for you...maybe the lord wants to give you a bigger car??