Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last Fair For The Year! *Pic Heavy*

Pedicure/Manicure time....

Posing for the Newspaper

Checking things out...

Freckles is not sure about this....

This is how you get them to calmly walk into the ring...
By letting them check things out..

Knowing your goat is a good thing...

Our little hen
She got Grand Reserve Champion

Waiting to go in..
One thing I like about this is the girls make new friends
Every time we go to a new show...

Candice got 2nd place in Senior showmanship

One of Kyla's photos got Best Of Show..

Chocolate mint & Spearmint...

Lemon Squash...


Ground Cherries.. They didnt know what they were..

Kara showing IllaBet(we changed her name thats what stuck)

Polly getting her lap time..

The Boer Does....
Sorry to all my meat goat friends
 but all the white is why I like my Nubians best..
They have a little more variety in color.. :D

Kara's tractor drawing that is going to State!
It was between her and a robot for Best of Show for 4H
The robot had a lot of creativity involved.
Good Job to Zack on that!
I know nothing about robots but it looked cool!

The class we did best in...
Of course we had a 3 out of 4 chance of placing well..
We took the 1st 3 places..

The problem with small fair shows..
They try to lump all the classes together..
And they got a meat goat person to judge both Dairy and Meat!
He was a very nice guy but Poor Bonnie and Kate had no real chance against does
 that are in their prime and just freshened Later this spring..
Kate has been freshened since Nov 2011 and Bonnie is just  a yearling...
 That is it for the fairs for us this year.. We don't go real far from home.. Its a lot of fun and a lot of work.. Those people that do several species and several shows..well I don't know how you do it.. You probably have it down to a science though.
 Some one asked in the comments after the last fair how we kept our goats so calm in a new place.. Well its like this.. Some one is almost always with them.. They have hay, a little grain and water. We are at 1-2 day fairs so its spent going and going.. Not a lot of down time so the goats are being handled constantly.. Whether its getting ready to show or the actual showing.. We are very small fish in the big pond of showing animals though.
 So now its back to normal.. Well at least our version of it.. Got a mountain of Zucchini to put into relish, peaches to make butter with and other things starting to get ready in the garden..
 God have blessed us more than our share I think..He is so good!


OurCrazyFarm said...

Great job on all those awards! We are just gearing up for our first Fair~ a bit of a frenzy going on at our place this week!

Mmmmm~Mmmmm~ Zucchini! For some reason ours has hardly taken off this year; usually we can't keep up with it. We tried stuffed zucchini last year and loved it.

Your goats are so beautiful! And love the skirts and cowgirl boots:))

goatpod2 said...

Congrats on all the awards! We don't do shows.


Queenacres said...

Congrats on the awards...I LOVE that tractor picture; hope she wins State!

chapinranch said...

congrats Tonia and to the kids as well for doing so great . Psst Tonia may I get your peach recipe, and the zuccini recipe pleaseeeeee

Allison said...

We are only doing two species this year, rabbits and chickens, as well as market in both at fair. Two kids doing one of each and the third kid chose to do both! Crazy that she is also the 6 year old. Realized yesterday that fair is one month away for us and we have so much to do, essays to write, record books to finish, exhibit hall projects to complete, feeling a tad overwhelmed!

Loved your photos! My oldest did goats last year and loved it. Thanks for sharing them. :)

small farm girl said...

Good job with the shows!

TJ said...

We don't go far from home, either. Good job at the fair! The goats were beautiful :)