Thursday, July 5, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Lemon Summer Squash..
They don't actually taste like lemon but they are shaped like them..
See the little brown spot on the stem??
The dreaded horrible little beast called a 
Squash Bug!
However this squash seems to thrive in spite of them!!!
I am saving seeds from them this year!!

Some of my Zebra tomatoes..
I don't know if its Orange or Red yet...... 

Planted them about 3 weeks ago. I  think they are doing well..
 Its been mighty hot here.. We are on the verge of drought.. No significant rain fall in May and very small amount in June... The goats some how are still finding stuff to eat out there though.. Things like Lespedza is still growing and other weeds which are a goat's favorite anyway. In spite of the heat and Squash bugs I have a kitchen floor that has piles of Yellow Squash and Zucchini. Kyla has learned to make an excellent Zucchini cake!.. She is getting really good at baking and is entering cookies in the fair..
 Personally we have had some financial set backs.. 1st off after the fair Kyle's work truck had issues.. Its a standard truck but the transmission is going out.. The AC in the van locked up and my new camera is not working... Along with either my electric fence or charger... I am not sure which one is the real culprit there...
 I am not sure what to think right now.. Its nothing like changing other than it has slowed us waaaaayyyy down... All those parts are well over $300 each.. So no pocket change..  I bought the camera through Amazon but it was used like new...  I am thankful I no longer have a buck on the property to try my fences and slip under like last year and give me November/December babies..
 Funny story though.... I was praying one night and I was so tired I whined to God that I just wanted to be home more...  I wanted to be able to get things caught up here and be home for a while with out running here and there...  Not 3 days later Kyle's truck did the transmission thing.. Kyle told me to quit praying like that... Lol..So far I have gotten very little actually done. But I am getting there. The heat is wearing on everyone. Kind of like when they extreme cold hits.. People get grumpy..
 So anyways even with all the stuff going on I have put it into God's hands to be worked out the way it needs to be worked out. He knows what we have need of and I am content to be happy where I am at right now!
 OOOOOHHH  I forgot!! We are raising some meat chickens soon!!! We are doing a 50/50 split with my friend Brenda from Granny's Best And for those of you that know her she is still around.. She is just wrapped up in last minute details of stuff.. But Hopefully she will blog soon about all her goings ons over there!! The chicks will be here July 12th! Gotta get ready for them! cant wait.. Now if I can just get my hands on some turkeys....
Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Philippians  4:11


goatpod2 said...

Our tomatoes are doing well and everything else we have planted here! We've been having some thunderstorms and heavy rain here lately.

Amy (my blog is private now)

Brenda said...

You're so funny! Yes, I'm still here. I'm so glad to be partnering with you on the chickens. It's gonna be good to have good clean chickens to put into the freezer in a few weeks!

Take a deep breath. God has everything in control. Enjoy your time to take things a little slower. :D

chapinranch said...

of our nubian does that are due to kid soon we think , still learning alot about goats , they are so misurable in this heat , weather says were supposed too go downOur garden is loaded with tomatoes , the peppers are loaded as well and the squash is doing good . Were very very dry here as well , we keep praying that rain will come to us soon . We have two into the 80's next week with possible thunderstorms , we are praying to get some here .

I have been busy updating our ranch page feel free to check it out ,some pictures need to be redone due to the goats trying to be in my pocket etc instead of letting me take their pictures

btw huggs Tonia and Brenda :-) try to stay cool :-)

MamaDragon said...

I hope your meat chickens go well. We have our first year of rearing chickens, ducks, and turkeys for meat too.

OurCrazyFarm said...

Such a busy, busy season for everybody! What happened to "lazy summer days"??!!

chapinranch said...

update on our nannies our spotted nanny kidded this morning with a beautiful spotted doeling

pictures can be seen on our webpage
under more on our new arrival page :-)