Friday, June 15, 2012

Rain,Hogs & Herbs

We got a good amount of rain Monday..
It was beautiful...
Crazy but great!

Bar & BQ don't mind the rain..
They kept right on rooting and eating..
They are growing...Just a tad!lol

Mullein flower in my garden..
But the stuff is EVERY where this year!!

I love this flower!
Its useful, pretty and Useful...
Its a great healing herb for salves and such..

I have started infusing olive oil with 
both Mullein Flower(small jar) and Calendula.
Mullein flower oil makes excellent healing ear oil..
Calendula will be used for a new batch of healing salve.
Just gotta get on the ball and dry some Comfrey..
Its finally doing as promised..
Growing like crazy!!
 Most of my herbs are doing well this year.. I am fighting squash bugs.. Any suggestions besides picking the things that produce like rabbits on speed? I tried some sprays.. I want to stay ALL natural so no chemical suggestions please.
 We will be heading to the first fair of the year next week.. The girls are excited.. They don't show anything big time..  Just enough to have fun and learn a little..
 So here are some blogs to visit if you got a little time to spare....

proverbs31mommies She is just getting started. Love this sweet lady and her family! Cant wait to see how their adventures unfold...

Lazy Bee Farm A dear friend who makes me feel lazy..:) So wish she lived closer to give me knitting lessons...

Red Gate Farm.  An Amazing family pursuing farm life!

Queenacres Beautiful goats and interesting stuff like Pickled Quail eggs!

midlifefarmwife You just gotta go check this lady out.. Just to much to cover in one line..

One of the little blessings that made my day today... I was leaving to make a grocery store run.. Bakerscreek as in posted on their facebook page that they would have produce to GIVE away today! That they were going to have a trial run of selling produce once a week and see how it goes! I am so excited.. There are no farmers markets close enough that don't stay open late enough. This would be great and allow me to try things they grow right here!! I got 3 beautiful heads of cabbage that will be made into coleslaw this weekend! I am SURE it will be yummy!
 There was several little things like this today that just reminded me that God cares about us in Every way.. Not just the big things.. And we are to give him praise and glory for the small as well as the big.. I am humbled that he would care enough to bless my day the way he did.. He truly is an awesome and Personal God....

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows. Luke 12:7


Anke said...

If you figure out something that works for squash bugs, let me know... I'm already battling them myself - again. :-(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggested reading list! I peeked at a few since I barely have time to write on my own blog. Your hogs look good and I'm jealous that you have calendula!

Queenacres said...

Try the fly predators! They have done a number on our fly population, and they will prey on squash bug larva and corn earworm....and many other ickies. Here's a website if you want to learn more.

Thanks for the blog plug!

Queenacres said...

Guess posting the website would help :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Hey Tonia, thanks so much for the mention of my blog!

Now about those bugs. We use Diatomaceous Earth here. All natural exoskeltons of little sea creatures that will cut into the bugs hides and kill them. Also a great wormer for livestock. Give it a try

Providence Acres Farm said...

Herbs are great, aren't they? I infuse oil with all the herbs too and make salve and ear drops. Calendula is a good one, as is mullein! I love it! I am taking some purslane and feverfew with me when we drive away, potted in the back of the truck. Those are my two most used herbs.

I don't know what to tell you about the squash bugs. Ducks, maybe?