Friday, June 29, 2012

Beat The Heat

 Looks so nice and cool.... Its not... Except early in the morning.. Its up to 100* + right now and its dry. Under Fire warnings and Kyle is out on a fire call right now as I type. Please pray for him and all the other volunteers working this fire. They cant get control of it yet..
But I was going to post  a few things we do to keep cool....
 First off try to keep as much shade as possible available to your animals. When we go out to water everything in mid day we spray down the roof tops and it helps cool things off..
 We offer a home made electrolyte solution to which ever animal looks like they need it. I have a post on that HERE . The goats love it! I have used it for a while for different things..
 **The pigs get hosed down and they have a not so pretty tarp draping right now.. As dry as it is the Electric fence is on again and off again. So pigs are now being fed hay in a smaller pen along with their mix that we mix up with for them. They seem content next best thing to pasture raised.. No GMOs...  They have a wallowing hole too.. Plus 2 large water tubs.
**The goats are being fed early morning and later in the evening. Hay in front of them all day.. They have access to pasture and there is Amazingly still some stuff growing.. Goats are eating it up. They also get the Electrolyte mix in their water.
**Rabbits are on the ground.They also get Frozen water bottles and fresh water every couple hours. They get fed early in the morning..
**Kyla's little button quail now have an earth roof.. We filled the top on their pen with grass clumps that are still green. We wet them down a couple of times a day they love it..
**Chickens get fresh water, roof sprayed down and the yard sprayed down. They love scratching in it.. They seem to do okay with plenty of shade and water.. They are still laying..
**Now for the people... Well we are wimps.. We do have AC I keep it set at about 80*-85*.. If outside we drink plenty of fluids and keep a wet rag around our neck. We do short burst through the day of what has to be done.. Doing the bulk of work early in the morning and later in the evenings. Light colored loose clothing helps to stay cool.. Pay attention to your body and if its telling you to cool off get it done!

Please remember all those in Colorado that are dealing with those Massive Fires and PRAY FOR RAIN for all those that need it... PLEASE!!!


goatpod2 said...

It's been hot here too, there's a storm rolling in right now!


Julia said...

Thinking of you, Tonia while I sit here and shiver with the cold!

Carol said...

I've been waiting all week for my 3 day weekend and it's too durn hot to work outside much. I was out early this morning and again this evening. I think it will be late fall before we get to finish the front of the house. I did spend a about 30 minutes watching the birds play in the watersprinkler in the shade garden. They were having a blast.

TJ said...

It's hot here, too. We can hardly see the mountains because of all the smoke from the fires in our area. Everyone's coughing and having a hard time breathing. We're praying for rain for the whole western US right now.

Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you how wet we are up here in the NE. We have had a few 80's and things start to dry up and then torrential downpours again. Lost two planting of lettuce and sunflowers to slugs.

Prayers to all in the fire areas!

re: fence in dry heat. run a "dead" wire and hook it into a ground rod away from the charger, have at least three ground rods ten feet apart from each other from the charger as well. The ground gets too dry to make the loop back to the charger, if you run that dead line to a 6 foot ground rod that will help make the loop back to the charger when they touch that with the hot line. So you have to put the dead line so the pigs will touch that AND the live wire. If you have any metal (I like spare pipe) lay it along the bottom where they are getting out-that lights 'em up too. :D Tree