Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goat Care (Part 3)

Conventional?? Herbal??? Or Both???
Ms. Emily.... If only ALL goats took their meds this easy.. 
 I was going to do a separate post between the conventional meds and herbal.. But since I use both together I had no way to really separate it.. So you get my way for using both.....together...;)

 First up Dewormers....   I still use Chemical wormers.. The most effective ones are the ones I haven't used in about 2 years. I change them yearly. Last year I used Cydectin injectible and this year I am using Valbazen. For Dosing I follow the cattle dose on the Cydectin and goat dose on the Valbazen. I have also used Ivermectrin (Ivomec &Normectin) and Safe Guard/Panacur.
 I worm basically 3 times a year.. The day after kidding ALWAYS!... Then 10-14 days later they get a follow up dose to kill off the second hatch.. I run fecals on my goats a few times a year.. If one looks a little under the weather 1st thing I do is run a  fecal and check their eyes. Famacha method is more than checking eyelid color. Check it out and take a class on it if possible..
 If  fecals are clear I do not deworm.. I can also check for Cocci with a fecal.. Completely eliminating the need to run to the vet for every little odd goat berry!
 Using Chemical dewormers are very hard on the liver. So when I start deworming with a chemical med I start them on an herbal tea.. Usually Red Raspberry and Dandelion. I steep a handful of each herb in very hot water (about a half a gallon) sometimes letting it sit over night. Then I add it to a 5 gallon bucket of warm water with Molasses leaving the herbs in it. As they usually drink it all and then eat the leftover leaves.
 I do this for about a week. Some other herbs I may use if I have them on had are Comfrey just a leaf of this and you have to change the water as the Comfrey can make it slimy. Fennel is another.. My goats LOVE fennel seeds whole or in tea.. Some good places to start looking into to herbs for goats are Waltz's Arkhttp://fiascofarm.com/herbs/  and Hoeggers(they have several herbal remedies).
 The other times I deworm is before breeding/Fall and Spring. I run fecals before deworming at this time. Some wont need it and some will. I do not believe you should worm just to keep a schedule so just in case they have worms you are killing them off... BUT if they don't have them or they have just a few then you are building their resistance to the Chemical dewormers and they will eventually be ineffective as some people have found.
 When I am treating Cocci I always use Cinnamon. I hadn't had Cocci in about 6 years and that was a little buck that I bought.. Vet had me treat my entire herd regardless if they were showing symptoms or not.. I seriously do not agree with that. That's were those Fecals come in handy...... Treating a baby for Cocci its up to 1 tsp of Cinnamon in their bottle or by drenching them with it. If really bad you can give it every 1-2 hours and then cut back to 3-4 times a day and if still not quite back to self then you can continue to give it till symptoms are gone. The first time I treated with Cinnamon it took 3 days but it was my last ditch effort to get rid of it before using conventional meds. The second time it was maybe 2-3 days tops..  It has been much more effective than anything else I have used for Cocci...
 Other things I use....

Cayenne- Good for a pick me up.. Got a goat Kid or adult acting mopey?/ Give them 1/4 -1 tsp depending on heat of the Cayenne. Higher the heat, lower the dose. With a little water and Molasses to make it drenchable. Its full of B vitamins and Vitamin C. Helps fight infections and all that good stuff! I have a tincture in the making..

 B-Complex- Goat stressed out or going through a major illness?  A daily dose of B-complex will help keep up appetite..

Biomycin- Its the same as LA-200 but doesn't burn as as much because its water based. I use antibiotics on a Have to basis!

Pencillin- I only use when necessary!

Vitamin C- If a sick goat will eat a couple I will give 2-3 500mg at a time. If a does is struggling with a congested udder then I will give her some too.
Vet RX - They have this labeled for Goats/Sheep, Rabbits and Chickens.. Its all the same. Works well for those babies that got a little fluid in their lungs. If some one is a little stuffy sounding or a little rattly then a few doses of this will help. If you are dealing with pneumonia then this in addition to antibiotics will help...

Congested Udder-Right after kidding a doe may deal with a congested udder. I don't use a commercial teat dip or udder balm.. I make my own. If you are in a pinch and need something to help break up an udder that is congested Vicks vapor rub works well. Peppermint essential oil in a carrier oil is my first choice though. I also use massage and hot rags on the udder and frequent milking!

 My Udder Balm/Teat Dip is half and half Coconut oil and Olive oil with Peppermint,Lavender and Oregano essential oils or others I may have on hand.. I infuse the Olive Oil with Comfrey and lemon balm when I have it.  In the summer I add a little beeswax to it to keep it semi solid. I scoop a little out and dip the end of the teat in and then rub the rest into the udder..If I am dealing with Mastitis I use the treatments for a congested udder and a round of Antibiotics.

Now I am trying to remember if there is anything else I use.... I am sure there is... And I will probably think of it as soon as I click "post"..... But for now... I think I am done.. Next up Rotational grazing and water....


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Don't do a whole lot with medicines here anymore though.



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This is really good information. Your Goat Care series is really good.

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