Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who Wants Free Food?

We(along with lots of help)put together the pumpkin search at our Hallelujah Fest using lots of cornstalks..
We brought them home to the goats...
Stored them along the far side of the barn so they will stay fairly dry and goats wont over eat on them.. 

Maryann is pretty sure that is just wrong!
She really liked them!

They were piled up here!
Goats were helping........ haha

Kate Peeking around the corner...

Hope looking a tad pregnant....

Hay Racks for winter..
I added the 2 in the back just to spread it out a little.
So if anyone gets pushed out at the big rack they can eat back there.

One of my Mother/Daughter pairs..
 Pixy and Sunshine

Its been an absolutely gorgeous Fall this year.. I can hear the clock ticking on the season though.. Trees are becoming increasingly bare.. and tomorrow has a high of 70* then dropping into the 40's.
Cold weather's acomin'.. 
I think I am okay with it now... Maybe.... After milking in it here in a few I will let you know..

Yesterday I got to visit with a friend.. They raise Dexter cattle and she was telling me the difficulty to get them registered. It got me to thinking.  Now you all if you have been reading my blog for awhile know I don't raise registered animals. I do have Some and have had some.. But in all honesty the difficulties or technicalities she was talking about just solidifies my decision to NOT raise registered animals. Yes people with high end registered goats, cows, dogs and whatever else may get more money for their animals than I do. I do NOT look down or think bad of people selling/raising registered animals.
 But my goal is to breed for a hardy milk goat that produces well whether its milk or meat(babies)...
 I am slowly getting there.
I also don't have to many or holding on to some just because I cant get $800 for him.
 Most of my goats are Full-blood or Purebred Nubian with a couple that have a little of this or that in them. If they are Purebred with out papers that just simply means I bought a registrable baby from some one that had Pure Bred Registered parents. I had a buck like that at one point and bred him to my Registered purebred Nubian doe. Does that mean the babies are less than purebred? Not in my book.. I just don't have the paper to back up what I say or have recorded.. But that doesn't make that goat any more or less Nubian than their counter parts that have papers..
 However I am not really concerned. I have had some of mine their whole life except Maryann. I know a lot of her history or where to find that info at.  I know what their pluses and minuses are!
So my point in all this is in trying to farm successfully no matter how big or small sometimes papers don't mean squat! If you need a productive, fully functional animal not some Diva. Then you need to look again at your animals and think who carries the load? Look at how much time and attention they take to stay in Good shape physically? If they aren't pulling their weight some how then they may need to be culled.
 I don't sell my animals dirt cheap I sell them for what they are worth to me and sometimes more. People are welcome to see where their animal is coming from. I will tell them exactly what I do and how. They see lively friendly goat girls and babies when they come visit. 
 I have found a rather large market for my goats with out their papers or pedigrees. Sometimes boys get a little difficult to sell but they can have another purpose for meat. So they have value that way.  And that's where they go quickly and mercifully After having a short but good life here.
This nothing but my opinion here with my Why's and How's!

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

                                   Not Slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;
                              Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;
                                    Distributing to the necessity of saints; given to hospitality
Romans 12:10-13


Brenda said...

I like your point of view! Cute photos too. :D

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! We only registered our goats for the buyers but other than that we didn't want to pay the money that went into registering them plus filling out all the paperwork! But we don't have to worry about that now since we're retired from selling and breeding goats anyways.


Amanda said...

Good points. Registered or not, if they are good producers in whatever form that takes on- milk, meat, hardiness, etc.- they are valuable!

I raise registered animals because I like to show but I do not think that registered animals are above those who are not.

Good home milkers, with even temperaments, hardiness, will to milk and production are my goals. Confirmation is important to me for the show aspect but no matter what, any goat who's thought of as lovely, is =).

small farm girl said...

Thanks for your opinion. It actually make me take another look at registration. Like you said, it really doesn't matter! I have a buck right now that is doubled registered. He has a paper trail a mile long. But, he can't breed my does. So, he is worthless.

You wouldn't want to buy a registered buck would you? heheheeh