Sunday, October 9, 2011

So Many Topics.....

I just can't settle on a title!
Moses is leaving Tuesday....
We will miss him.
 But I love this pic!..
He has taken to standing in this spot every morning as the sun comes up..

We helped Brenda at Granny's Best train goats to electric fence.
As you can see some one was Highly disgusted with me...
How dare I trick her like that??? lol

Then we have the blonde in the herd..
This darling followed me to Each side of the fence..
She would get shocked and run back to the herd..
See me in a different spot and here she came..
Finally last 2 times she just ran up but didn't touch the fence..

I got the mean job of calling the goat girls to the fence
and trying to lure them to hit their noses on the fence.
So they would know "HEY That Hurts!"

This weekend was fall festival..
After unloading and parking the van.. I saw this..
Check out the license plate!LOL

Our 4H booth...
If only it had been about 10* cooler...
We would have sold more Beans and Cornbread..
but very few people want them at 80+ degrees..
We sold lots of Lemonade..............

My girls highlight...
They get to ride in the firetrucks in the parade..
That's one of the cool things that happens when your daddy is on the Dept.

Candice in the back holding a friend's daughter that fell asleep..
She is 3 years old and LOVES Candice!

My girls were also thrilled to get to ride horses this weekend..
We went to a friend's Birthday party and they had 2 horses there..
 Funny story about that horseback riding... One of the horses is blind in one eye but still does pretty good as long as you pay attention. Well Candice was riding him(not the one in the pic) and came around the corner and a cat spooked him a little from the blind side.. He took off running... Well I am not a nervous mom by any means.. I am about run over by others all worried about Candice... But as she went zooming past I heard her holler "Its Okay I got this!!!"... So I figured to watch first then see if she needed help!lol... My next sight of her she is headed back at a fast trot.. She is not a super experienced rider but she does have a natural ability I believe to stay on a horse. lol.. So she comes trotting up and says THAT was Great!! It was funny, she was okay and things were just fine..  The grin on her face was worth it.. He wasn't really out of control either. Just  a little spooked..
 We have had a busy weekend but fun.. On a sad note a family here locally lost their home to a fire. Tonight Kyle is in a neighboring town fighting a warehouse fire. They have it contained and it took 9 fire departments. But they saved the manufacturing plant. They make Bio-fuel and use the by-products to make dog food. The owner was on the news and said that no one would lose their jobs as it was just the warehouse they lost. I am sure about 90 people are relieved to hear that...
 So now after a weekend of crazy stuff I have an extremely messy house so guess what we get to do tomorrow?? Oh yeah.... I would much rather trim a goat buck's hooves.... bleh...
 But a Messy house means we are busy, well fed and clothed so I will be Thankful...

Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD:

And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
Deuteronomy 6:4-5


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures, sounds like a busy but fun weekend! No electric fence here anymore.



Brenda said...

I also enjoyed the photos and the stories. I REALLY appreciate your help "training" my goat girls to the electric fence. I expanded it by another 100 feet on the south side on Saturday to give them more grazing. They are still respecting it completely. So the training was very effective!

small farm girl said...

You DID have a busy weekend! Sounds like fun!

Amanda said...

The pastures look so lovely! With so little rain, ours looked so yucky for nearly the entire summer!!! We did just get 1.5" though over the weekend and things have greened up some but it's kinda late in the season to expect much. ::sigh::

P.S. We got a kick out of training the goats to the high tensile electric. What would PETA think to know we were laughing as we did it?