Thursday, October 13, 2011


No I didn't downsize to just one goat...
This is Sunshine giving me the "Hint"..
To pull down a limb for her to nibble on..

                                  Maryann trying to decide whether to stay with the herd or follow me...

She followed me...

                                                              This is what I downsized too.....
9 goats total...
Sissy my last Lamancha doe went to a new home Monday.
The Boys left Tuesday..

                                                      The girls had to check out the boys pen..
Jack went with Moses to his new home..
I am glad he did!!

Bonnie and Hope behind her..

                                                Sunshine bringing everyone around to follow me..

My Black Copper Maran Rooster and his hens...

It has been a rather eventful week and its just Wednesday!!! Okay Wednesday night but I started this blog post yesterday! We recovered from the weekend sort of.. Tuesday morning though my Nephew was admitted to the hospital. He has Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. It is a tickborne disease and in the blood.. He is doing better but it was tough. He is only 12 and lost almost 15 lbs since last Thursday. He couldn't keep anything down, running a low grade fever and rash all over his body.. Well then after they admitted him his fever started spiking to 103-104. He quit smiling at all and that is not like him. He has big blue eyes and freckles and is just the cutest boy ever.. Well besides his brother... He was in the hospital for 2 days and got to go home today even though they wanted to keep him till he was fever free.. But the fever was breaking and so they let him go home.
Its bad enough for an adult to be sick like that but to see kids that sick is heartbreaking.
Hopefully he is on the mend now.
Okay that's it for now.. Have a great weekend.. We have another busy one ahead..

 There are, it may be, so many kinds of voices in the world, and none of them is without signification.
1Corinthians 14:10


Anke said...

I'm so sorry about your nephew. That must have been awful for him to have to go through, and for his parents to watch. I hope he'll feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Some day we'll have that many goats here as well.