Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dad, Can I Go to the Homecoming Dance?

Dad, Can I Go to the Homecoming Dance?
This is exactly like it was when I was in highschool and its a shame that things have not changed for the better..
Very thought provoking especially if you have teenagers in public school...Click on the link to read this blog post by Jonathan McKee


Blossom said...

I just read the other post and wow. I'm shocked but not surprised. I went to one dance middle school. I talked to my dd yesterday about it. The boys were separate from the girls most of the time (whether by choice or fear of the faculty, I'm not sure lol) and when we did dance, the chaperones were quick to make sure we were behaving appropriately. That is the only dance I've ever gone to. My mother wouldn't allow me to attend the other dances. I may miss the pretty dresses and such but I am so glad I didn't go. My dd talks about her public school friends who are getting ready for a formal of some kind and she laments that she cannot go...but she would not enjoy herself. She is too aware of all the filth and inappropriateness that goes on in public schools.
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

Good post!