Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poverty Level???

  The "news" told me today that we are considered poverty level here in the U.S. because we make less than $49,000 and some change.. Hmmmm wow... Okay I know I am not rich in money.. but I also feel like I am not poor.. We are not lacking food, clothes or shelter. Our family is whole and healthy beside some minor issues. We do not lack medical care if needed.. We have everything we need and a lot of things we want.. Not always having the cash has made us creative in how we acquire those things as in bartering for them.. I like being Frugal AKA Cheap and using my imagination to come up with what we need..
 Of course sometimes I get tired of trying to figure it out and go crying to God how I need this or that.. Usually its not a need and I need to use the brain He gave me to figure it out.. Instead of expecting cash in hand to buy said item. Oh and I do pray about things before I have "needs" I just don't always like his answer( I am human like that). I just find it hard to believe that going by the amount of money you make each year determines your "Poverty Level". I would probably not do well with much more than we make each year now.. I know what I can do with less!Lol With More I would probably be less motivated, a little lazy and who knows what else..
I like using something others have deemed as trash and worthless, Cleaning it up and giving it a new life... Hmmm I have heard that some where before... I think Jesus is into Recycling!!! 
So many people want more than what they need..  and are selfish in their pursuit of it.. People tend to look at me funny because I don't want to do things for money that they say I am talented enough to do these things and make money at it..   Hmm I know I have talent/abilities in certain areas and I know I could do it if I wanted too... But key word WANT... I don't want too... If its something I enjoy I don't want it to become a Job. I  do a little of several things enough to make a little extra money if needed.. But if it comes in between me, my family, and time with them then its not worth that few extra dollars it brings in. We have tried to follow God's will for our family.. We have gotten off track a few times.... Way off track.. But He always brings us back to where we need to be.
 Okay I have gotten off track with this blog post! Ha imagine that huh?? Anyway back to the poverty level thing.. I think Poverty or Riches is all in the eye of the beholder so to speak.. I think as Americans especially we are so driven to make a buck or 2 or More that we forget what is really important.. So many families are broken and shattered because of chasing the almighty dollar.. People spend their whole lives making money to only look back and realize they have nothing..
 So do I think we need to sit around and do nothing expecting God to take care of every need? Noooo the bible says to not be slothful in business.( that's in Romans 12) BUT it also says to "Let your moderation be known unto all men" Philippians 4:5 We have to find a balance that is for us.. I don't think everyone should make the same amount of money nationwide. That would be very controlling and Socialistic or is it Communist?.. I believe in working your way through life. There is no easy life. We all pay one way or the other..
Soo where did all this come from?.. I am not really sure..Lol


Flat Creek Farm said...

Tonia, you speak 100% truth. I agree totally. Statistically, we are right there with ya Sweetie! ♥ -Tammy

Faye Henry said...

A very good post, Tonia..
I think you have your act together.. smile..

Brenda said...

Who are "they" anyway? And, what do they know of the truth? Happiness can't be measured on any of their scales!

OurCrazyFarm said...

We're right there broke and happy with you, Tonia! Cute new blog look:))

Anonymous said...




Blondee said...

If anything I think it's the wealthy 'upper class' who are truly struck in poverty. I like going to bed exhausted from working to make my house a home all day long. I like the effort of homecooked meals and canning the garden's bounty. I love the pride I feel when I take something used and worn and repurpose it for another stretch of life. The attachment to furniture that was refinished by my own hands...

Sure, it might be nice to never have to worry about the almighty dollar...but if you are truly rich, you never do worry...you just DO what needs to be done.

Great post!

matty said...

AMEN! It is about the quality of life, not the quantity of stuff!

sawn48 said...

My Grand daughter is 10 and she has it all figured out. When she sees someone who has lots of nice things that she would love to have,but doesn't, (she could use a little more tact,but)she asks,"How do you get all of these nice things? Do you make payments on them every month?" I guess she is learning though.