Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet Maryann!

 Here she is.... Spots are pretty but I really like my paint pattern goats! Ms Maryann is a fantastic doe I think.. Then I get to looking on her papers and she out of a Cream of Kansas doe and goes back to some  Kastdemur on both sides!!... Uhhh wow.... One of my other does has Amberwood in her even though she is not registered (That would be Hope).. Anyway Maryann milks about a gallon a day and that was locking babies away at night and milking in the morning. She will probably go to the fair next year to be shown as an aged doe up against Hope... And whoever else shows up at the fair with aged Nubian does.... We are excited to have her here!!


Brenda said...

She's really pretty.

Anonymous said...

She's lovely, we've had goats that looked exactly like her!



Amanda said...

Love asymmetrical markings on the face like that. We <3 Kastdemur's and Lakeshore here ourselves. But then, I am a Californian after all and a bit bias about my lines from back home =).

Sandy@American Way Farm said...

What beautiful markings! She's a lovely gal.