Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Eggs  anyone??
8 dozen in this pic....
We are getting about 17 eggs a day..
I have 47 hens and 12 roosters right now..
Some hens are moulting, some are old and some are young..

The goat girls out on new pasture today....

Sunshine admiring her favorite guy!
Seriously she doesn't like most men but she LOVES Kyle!
Only thing that is holding her back is the chainsaw!

Kyla & Kara working on the flower beds..
We are putting down a good layer of feed bags then adding the old hay/bedding on top.
It will sit all winter and help choke out some weeds...

The girls piling up the brush for their Party Saturday!
Had to be careful some of it was Honey Locust with the BIG thorns!

 I surely do love this man!!!

He got to be a little creative today....

 I now have a bear in my goat pen!!
Maryann does not feel threatened in the least bit..

Ready to be lit on fire!
Well whether I like it or not its that time of year again... Fall.. Autumn... the time before the big W.... What ever you want to call it.. Lol.. Its also the month of birthdays around here.. All 3 girls were born in September.. Usually we have separate parties but this year we decided to go big... So its one big bash this year. Complete with Bonfire, Hot dogs and stuff! We have invited about 60 plus people between Church, Friends and Family... This ought to be fun... I may have to recuperate for a week afterwards.. Lol
We also have a 4H meeting this week... Not much to do around here. HA... We have been cleaning up the yard a lot. We have been so busy this year that some things had gotten away from us. It was looking a little rough on the hill side here.. Its getting back in order and is looking better..  My girls are so awesome! They have done really well around here lately.. Now if I can get them to apply it to their rooms we will really be doing great!
 On a more serious note.. Kyle is a Union Bricklayer and has been for 17 years. He is not all about Union there are some serious flaws in the unions but we would not have insurance or retirement with out them or he would not have been trained the way he was if it wasn't for the union..
 His current employer (JB for short)  has not always had the best track record for keeping dues paid up and is once again behind.. The Rumors are that he is leaving the union. Kyle has worked for JB for most of the 17 years as a bricklayer and my dad also worked for him before that. But he is letting his equipment get run down and then the dues thing now.. He is also not bidding new jobs. Which is odd there are several coming up and he usually gets things like hospitals and schools.
 Sooo the thing is JB has till tomorrow to pay his dues.. If they are not paid then they have to do a Walk off and go on strike.. This means no unemployment to fall back on and no paycheck.. This has happened before and he paid at the last minute. He would be out a lot of money if he allowed them to Walk Off.  We are praying that he pays and they can continue.
 However on the flip side.. The Union Rep called Kyle because he knows he will be honest with him (rep's words!) and was asking about the general feel on the job about the situation.. Then he proceeds to tell Kyle that 2 companies are looking at setting up shop in the same town and they have excellent records as employers. They wanted to know if the Union Rep could supply them with Good Bricklayers.. He asked Kyle if he would be interested..  Hmmm Leave an Employer that doesn't care much for his workers to not keep up with his dues for one that is faithful in paying what he is supposed too.. That was pretty much a NO-Brainer!...
I am thankful for my husband reputation for being Honest.. Sometimes I cringe when he says something because I think he is TO HONEST! He is not hateful or mean but can be very blunt.. But you know he Rarely has a misunderstanding with anyone. I on the other hand.. Well we are getting off topic...
 I am asking all you that pray to please pray for our situation.. That the Perfect Will of God will be in our life. I know that He will provide all our needs he always does. But that we will know where our help comes from and continue to be thankful for everything HE does for us.
My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. Psalm 121:2


Carol said...

Nice assortment of eggs you have there :) Looks like Easter with all of the different colors. The birthday party bash sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you don't overwork yourself getting ready for it.

Julia said...

what about "Eggs-cellent" for a title LOL!

I hope JB pays his dues so they don't have to strike {{hugs}} Maybe God is providing a Plan B in advance so you don't stress out?? Not that it stops you feeling anxious, though, aye? Know I'll be praying about the sitaution, Kyle's job and peace for you both.

Anonymous said...

Wow that's a lot of eggs! We used to have a lot of birthdays and a anniversary in our family.



Anke said...

My goodness that's a lot of eggs...
I will keep my fingers crossed and send good thoughts your way! Hopefully everything will work out for your hubby.
Have fun at the party, sounds like you'll have a great time with that many friends.

Jennifer said...

I hope everything works out with your husband's job! Whoa, that is a lot of eggs, what do you do with that many? Happy birthday to your kids!

matty said...

Those are some lovely eggs! I think the party sounds wonderful and you will have so much fun! Pictures!

Sending up lots of prayers for the leading of the Lord in your decisions! I believe the Lord cares for us and provides for us. Sounds like Kyle is proof of that! :O

Brenda said...

Lots of eggs! And they're tasty too! :D

Nothing like the motivation of a big party to get the yard back in shape. The bonfire birthday party will be fun.

I'm praying for Kyle's job situation and for peace in your hearts about it. The Lord will provide.

Queenacres said...

Great that you are getting so many eggs! Our hens are just starting to get over the heat and pick back up. The bear looks like a fantastic goat rub!

small farm girl said...

Great eggs! The job sounds interesting!

Sue xx said...

Happy Birthday every-one? Do you ever freeze the eggs, Rhonda at Down To Earth suggests cracking 4 into a zip-lock bag and freezing them that way.

Have a great weekend,

Velsgal said...

Maybe you should serve eggs for the birthday bash?? ;) There are ways to cook them on the fire you know! lol