Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Its Hot.....

Don't forget your animals.....
 When it gets this hot all our animals get a little extra something..
 The Rabbits get an ice bottle everyday. They are now in the shade all the time and haven't needed a fan. But when they had sun to much hitting the roofs of the cages we would also put a fan on them.  They also of course get fresh water morning and night.
 The chickens get fresh water and plenty of places to dust bathe.. Its helps them keep cool. We separated out about 10 today and put them in the goat barn to start cleaning up in there. The chickens just want to be in the front yard and not the goat barn and pasture. I need them in the barn and pasture too!!..  So we grabbed some of the young ones to try and train them to stay there.. They got a little treat of the sunflowers and then went to digging..

Momma hen and her 6 babies had taken up residence in there before.
I quit trying to cage her up because she just would roost some where else the next night.

Bonnie did NOT approve of the new arrangements!
I can just hear her saying "They are in MY SPOT!"
The goats get a special treat in this heat too..

Molasses and either baking soda or salt of some kind in their water..
1/2 cup Molasses
1T of the salt /baking soda
per 2 gallons of water
Then I pour that into their 30 gallon water tub..
It encourages them to drink in this heat.
It works like electrolytes as that is 2 of the main ingredients(sugar & salt) in electrolyte mixes.
 Or you can buy Bounce Back or something similar..
Or you can add Gatorade watered way down to their water.

This is how we humans cool off....

Find the nearest river and Jump in....
This is Boiling Springs again
This is my oldest Candice letting go of the rope..
She is actually the only one brave enough to do this..

Kara is looking for critters...

And so is Kyla..
 She is standing up there.. It gets deep fast.
  We plan on another day with friends down at the river.. Its the best way to spend these hot days of summer!. I am soaking it up hoping to store some up for this winter! The closer rivers have gotten low and warm. So we have to travel a bit farther but still cheaper than the pool! Stay cool everyone..
John 7:38

He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.


Teresa said...

You guys are too hot, and we haven't even gotten our "real heat" yet. Usually by now we are over run with tomatoes, but we haven't even had one turn red yet. It hasn't been cold but for us 80 in July is much cooler than usual. Glad you have a way of cooling off, and the animals too.

Carla said...

oh my your Blessed, i sure wish we had a swimming hole... a great way to enjoy the summer and stay cool

matty said...

I wanna come play! I wouldn't let go of the rope either.... maybe... stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Good info!



TJ said...

Great tip on the water additives! We haven't had overpowering heat here.... yet. We'll be sure to add the stuff you suggested when it does.