Friday, June 3, 2011

The Endless Search....

For a good goat mineral! I have switched back and forth trying to find what I need. I used the Manna Pro Goat mineral which is a decent goat mineral. I don't think it has enough Selenium especially if you are in a severely deficient area. I would be just so thrilled to find one that would give all the copper and Selenium they need with out supplementing with BoSe or Copasure..
 Sooo back to the mineral.. I found on the Tractor Supply website a trace mineral salt with extra Selenium(Se) and extra Copper(Cu).. That would be great.. However my closest tractor supply doesn't carry it.. Bummer.. I woudl hav ehad to give it along with regular mineral anyways. So then I ask at my regular feed store to see if they have anything to compare.. They don't. Gets a little frustrating sometimes.
So then I go to my sometimes feed store when my regular feed store is out of what I need.. I ask about their mineral as I had been using their goat mineral. Its a decent goat mineral with a decent amount of copper and selenium. But I got to looking and their All season mineral for beef and dairy cattle has a high amount of both Cu(2,025ppm) and Se(27ppm). I have had higher Se in some mineral but most is 3.1. Never had it with this much Cu. Most Non-goat people think goats don't need copper. But they are not sheep... I say that a lot!.. Goats need more copper to help fight stomach based parasites like the Barberpole worm... They need Selenium to have healthy muscles which can go into all sorts of problems. Especially birthing problems. Does have to have muscles in the uterus to get kids in place and to birth them.
I also put out trace mineral salt blocks. They are really liking those right now. Moses thinks his is something to knock around! He is such a brat sometimes! Speaking of Moses and Jack.. I realize its been a while since I posted a pic of them.. So here they are!

They are enjoying being out in the back field. With plenty of room to run and plenty to eat! Moses has grown again. He is just 18 months old now. So he still has some growing to do. He will have the first babies on the ground hopefully in August out of Ethel our Boer Nubian cross doe... We are excited to see what she has!

What we did today and what we may do tomorrow!!!
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Brenda said...

Moses is looking a lot like his daddy. Playing in the creek looks like so much fun. I gotta take some time to do that. :D

Kelle said...

Your goats look so great! Our girls are getting there, they were in such poor shape when we adopted them. I've wormed them twice, with the natural wormer and they are both putting on weight and their coats coming in nice and healthy.

As far was the mineral, we bought a good loose mineral designed for goats and it has plenty of copper and selinium, plus when we can afford it we're going to get them a trace mineral lick tub, the brand is Smart Lic and the specific one that is multi purpose for them as well as cows is called AP18 Our area is really deficient in selinium, so any extra we can provide is a plus.

How fun to have a water hole to cool off in. Our temps are supposed to be as high as the mid 80'sF by tomorrow, I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks for all the gaot advice you share, I'm like a sponge and take lots of notes*wink*

Blessings for your weekend

matty said...

I am envious of the water hole... our river is too dirty to get into right now... Ick..

I use a tub of "supplemental feed" from Southern States that is just for goats. It has all the trace minerals as well as molasses and grain for that extra 'umpth' they sometimes need. It isn't too expensive for 150 pound tub -- about $35 if I remember correctly -- and it lasts for months if you keep it out of the rain.

Did you check Caprine and Hoeggers??

How is Emma??

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I have checked with both Hoeggers and caprine. Neither tell how much Selenium or Copper is in their mineral. I also try to buy local as much as possible.
Emma is doing good she finally passed the placenta found it this morning. Just grateful we didnt have to give her anything to pass it!
I put out the mineral buckets with molasses towards the end of their pregnancies to help up their sugar so they dont go Ketonic on me.

Anonymous said...

We used to use Golden Blend minerals from Hoegger's.



OurCrazyFarm said...

Moses is so handsome! He looks alot like our Jacob from Brenda:)) I am so excited to see his babies next year. Yes, your goats always look great!

Feral Female said...

We use Meat Goat loose minerals from Purina and it seems to be all ours need for our location. Wish I had a water hole like that one!

Michelle said...

I missed this post when it first appeared. After reading it I am going to bring the bag of goat minerals in to compare to your amounts. I don't know how much to give the goats, but I put a handful on each ones feed. I also squeeze a vita e w/ selenium capsule onto their feed daily. Maybe it's all good as Dolly birthed her first baby with just 3 pushes.

Hope you keep writing about your goats & their care!