Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chicks Are Hatching!!!

Some of the chicks already up and around..

Momma Hen keeping a watch out....

Last one to hatch before moving them..

New nest.. 6 babies and 2 eggs in there..

Checking things out...
Second little baby is the one hatching in the pic above.

Still checking things out..
Some Human Mommas could take a few lessons from a broody hen!

Not baby chicks..
Bonnie invading Tink and Belles space. Lol
Enjoy your weekend!!


Blondee said...

Even though it's 'just a chick', isn't it amazing to think you were one of the first beings to greet that new little life into the world? Congrats on the new littles. :)

matty said...

I love the chicks (we call 'em diddles here)! Aren't they so cute!??

Tink is still as tiny as ever, isn't she?? We have two little ones that are going to be mini-alpines. They are no larger than a tiny pygmy, but look like a perfect Alpine... So precious!

Anonymous said...

How cute and nice pics!



Deanna said...

Cute chickies.

Tink and Belle don't seem to mind the invasion!

Shanster said...

Awww - nuthin' cuter than a hen with her little chickadoodles running behind her!