Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ahh Yes Its Almost Officially SUMMER!

Kara and Kyla have been busy taking pics..
This is just summer time to me!...
Kara took this one..

And this one...

Kyla took this one..
 Isn't this the cutest little tree frog??
Its sitting on a penny...

I took this one!Lol
Homemade ice cream!!
Good stuff...
Made with fresh eggs, raw goats milk and vanilla bean paste.
Oh and sugar...

The swing Kyle built in its new home..
Its a little bigger than the old one and the bolts have to be moved..

Kyla took this pic too..
One of their little soft shell turtles.
It was sunning itself...
They are funny!
We have been busy lately but its mostly fun busy!! Cook outs, river, swimming, and other things of that nature... Loving the warm weather. We have yet had to turn on the ac and leave it on.. Thankfully it cools off enough during the night to not have to turn it on. I would probably be able to do with out it completely but Kyle works in the heat all day and needs his sleep. So I try to keep it cool enough for him in the evening.
 The animals even seem to be enjoying this weather.. Even the rabbits its not gotten to hot for them yet. They have had to have water bottles a couple of time. The goats I think are made for this weather and even Sunshine the Skinny has put on a little weight!. Emma is doing okay. But still having a rough time. Especially since Hope decided she is infringing on her territory.. Don't know why.. Hope has never really objected to any other goats till Emma.. Silly goats!
 Chickens are still complaining about being locked up and we have had a few escapees. But they wont stay out of the garden and  digging it all up so till its done they are stuck.. They do get fresh green stuff brought to them though.. I have figured out how to have meat rabbits and am hoping to get those soon. We are hoping the new rabbits are bred again. One made a nest, pulled hair and everything but never had babies. The other had 2 babies and was eating them.. Kara was really upset she had never had a momma rabbit do that..
 So that's  whats been going on here..
 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

 Have a Blessed night everyone!


Carol said...

Certainly sounds like you all have been busy! I absolutely love that frog picture :)

Brenda said...

That ice cream looks yummy! Your girls have an eye for good photos.

Feral Female said...

Your girls have a photogenic eye! Oh that ice cream looks yummy....I`ll have to dig out my freezer since I have goat milk now!

matty said...

I love the hay rolls! We were talking the other day about how much we miss hay stacks. There is something about those that means safety and security to me. It has to be the farm gal in me! LOL

The ice cream is delicious looking. Yummmers.... Did you read Clarice's blog where she suggested putting JAM on it?? OMGoodness! That sounded really really good to me!

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures!



OurCrazyFarm said...

That sunset picture is beautiful! Sounds like good fun summer stuff!