Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tator Tire Towers

Just added a new tire to this tower..
I gotta fill it now.
This tower has Kennebec potatoes.
They have been very quick growing.

First time I have mulched these guys.
They are Yukon Golds.
They don't grow as well as the Kennebecs.

Both towers...
 Okay This is my first year planting potatoes. I thought I would try the Tire tower..I also planted some in mounds. My brother tried it last year and said it got to hot and dried out fast. So I have it on the East side of the house where it will get sun till about 2pm and then it shouldn't get to hot. I started with old bedding from the goat barn and added a second layer of that. This time I used grass from mowing the yard to mulch it and bring it up to the tops of the plants. I fill in the tire too.
 I plan on alternating with old hay, goat bedding and Rabbit manure to fill them till time to let them continue to finish growing. Now for whether there is a possibility of it leaking toxins I don't know... Didn't even think of that. However you may be able to find that info by Googling it. That is how I found the info on the Tire Towers.. Google Planting Potatoes in Tires..
 So far they are growing really well but so are my potatoes in the ground..  We shall see....

 Truly the light is sweet,
and a pleasant  thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun:
Ecclesiastes 12:14


matty said...

I have a friend who grew hers in a barrel just like this. She had a stellar crop and was spared the work of digging. She just lifted off the barrel and was done! I can't wait to see how yours do!

Carol said...

Interesting concept. I've heard of the towers before and even bags and boxes but the tire towers are a new one for me. Can't wait to hear how they do :)

Anonymous said...

We're trying potatoes too this year I think. I have no idea what I'm doing, but Hubs has done it before so we'll see how this turns out. . . Good luck with yours!

tree ocean said...

I am not too far from the Kennebec River and county up here in Maine so I get a big chuckle hearing Kennebec from a Missouri gal lol.

watch the manure can scab up your taters they prefer slightly acidic so don't go lime crazy either. I think mulching up with old hay would be fine just water it so it doesn't dry out. tires tend to collect water in the rims when they are on their side so that might help with the moisture. Good idea to fill the tire too. Potatoes do like it cool so good idea to keep it out of the heat. Maybe plant something that will grow up the outside of the tire to help shade the tires if it looks like you might be having baked potatoes lol. can't wait to see how it works....I find potatoes to be space hogs for the return but nothing like a tater fresh out of the ground!(or tire, we hope) YUM!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! We've always done potatoes in mounds though.



Deanna said...

I hope your tateers do real well in those towers. Interesting concept. Love your new header!