Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunshiny Day!!

One of my Ameraucanas and a Banty sharing a nest.

My hillbilliness just knows no end!Lol
Hey it works! Keeps the sun and
the rain off as long as it not crazy rain.
Didn't cost me a penny!

Moses and Jack have learned to respect the electric fence...
They are loving their new found freedom!lol
They go back to their pen at night and are only out when we are home.
Moses stays way back. Jack has hit the fence a few times.

They are in an opposite paddock that the girls are in.

Ethel enjoying the sunshine!
Nothing like a nap in the warm sunshine.
Pretty sure she is bred for the middle of August.
Will be the first time we have had a kidding then.
 Bakerscreek festival was very wet and chilly! It was not a good day for it and Monday I don't think got any better. But there were a lot of people there. Some had drove quite the distance only to be greeted by a wet and chilly Missouri Spring day! Speaking of the weather I cannot believe that they have now intentionally Flooded 130,000 acres of farmland and homes! Those people,their homes and livelihood now flooded..
 We have gotten a lot things done around here now that the sun is shining!  We planted Lavender, Rosemary, Feverfew,Sage and Comfrey planted today. Started mowing the yard its going to be a process. Most of it still has standing water. So as it dries out we are mowing. I also got my potatoes mulched again. They are growing like crazy!
 Goats are doing better now that they can get out on the pasture. Its always a good thing!.. Milk production has been down since they are stuck in the barn because goats melt in the rain ya know? They had plenty of hay but they prefer the grass. Cant say that I blame them! I am happy that Moses and Jack respect the electric fence and they don't try to get in with the girls. That may change about the end of August when the goat girls start coming in heat. But for now its good.. When Candice went out to put them back, they ran past her to their pen and waited to be let back in.  So the boys don't have to live on hay year around!! We have plenty of grass right now. I need to divide the back pasture into at least 2 paddocks but that will have to wait.
 Getting ready to go introduce the little chickies to the big pen. We will shut off the light and lock everyone up for the night. But the younger ones are bigger than some of the banties already. The mix breed ones I got from Brenda are really pretty. The Cuckoo Marans are just plain black nothing real interesting....
So Good night everyone!!


Brenda said...

Isn't the sunshine wonderful!

I love your milk stand modification! It looks it should work fine until the wind comes up. Great idea!

I'm glad Jack and Moses are enjoying the tall green grass. That's pretty funny though that they ran back home at the end of the day.

Thank you SO very much for your help at Bakerscreek on Sunday. It was wet and chilly, but lots of fun. Monday was just as wet and not so many people. They were expecting 8,000 people this year, but fell far short of that!

small farm girl said...

That is such a good idea with the milking stand!!!!! I hit myself in the head when I seen that. I have been milking in the rain now for 75% of the times that I milk. I am sooooo going to do that until we get our barn up.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! We've had some sunshine today here, I don't we've had goat kids born in August at least the year's we've raised goats, right now we're not breeding anymore.



matty said...

The sun makes everything feel alright, doesn't it? I thought about you when I heard about the delibrate flooding. Just like you folks need more water out that direction... Geez....

The gals and fellas look right happy, fat, and sassy! LOL Like me...

Christine said...

LOL, I love your chair! Seriously, I gotta figure out how to make one of those.