Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Something Other Than Weather!

Goats today following me out to eat...
In between thunderstorms...

Kara's Cactus she dug up out of the woods.
Yes Missouri has Cactus that grow wild..

Kara and Hobo the Faithful!lol...
If Kara is outside Hobo is there too.

 Hobo watching her New Nemesis

A little grey squirrel has nested in our yard.
Hobo is HIGHLY offended!
She is also determined to get it!

The goat girls grazing...
I cant get more than 10 ft before Sissy starts looking for me.
 Then when she hollers the 2 big wethers freak out and run!
But they will be gone soon and she will only disrupt her eating.
 We had lots of rain last night and today. Spent about 30 minutes in the basement around 2am but the tornado never even touched the ground and didn't even get formed before it was gone. Thank you Jesus! Other were hit today and there was some damage in Sedalia,MO but no deaths. I am ready for dry and warm! I do believe we are No longer going into a drought like they kept saying last year.
 I harvest turnip greens tonight. Made them with supper and Kyle said they were Great!. Also had fresh picked lettuce!.. Gooood stuff..
 I also will be trying a recipe soon from a friend in Guatemala. She said its the best simple food she has ever ate anywhere.. I will let you all know how it goes and what it taste like...
 I have tried commenting on several blogs but it wont let me leave a comment. Cant figure out why.. So I am not ignoring people I just cant get it to leave a comment. Its making me log in over and over for the same comment and never post it.. I hope everyone has a great weekend.. 
Last thoughts for tonight.... Bless them which persecute you: bless and curse not. Romans 12:14


Teresa said...

I have had the same problem especially on Terri's blog

Flat Creek Farm said...

Yes, another crazy day! I enjoyed your pics. You're very lucky to have a basement. I spent some time lugging out our mattress to our "middle" room this afternoon when I saw how scary it was getting again. At least it would be something to get under! Be safe, and hope & pray this severe stuff will leave us for a good long while. -Tammy p.s. some other blogger said they were having trouble w/ commenting lately. must be a glitch for some!

Becky said...

We have had a bit of rain here and there, but I think the wheat crop around here is pretty much gone. =(

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures, we've had a lot of storms and rain here as well.