Friday, May 27, 2011

Recycled T-Shirt Skirt

Start with a T-shirt turned inside out large enough to be wide enough for a skirt.
Measure around the widest part of your hips and then divided that number in half add 1-2 inches.
So if you measure 40 around the hips you will want the shirt to be 22 inches across the chest.
I used a men's 2X t-shirt to give plenty of fabric especially since I was just learning..
Run your tape measure from the bottom edge of the shirt to the shoulder.
Mark with your chalk a straight line.

Then make a straight line across the chest. Below the collar and above the pocket.

It will look like this....

Cut chalk lines and Pin together..
Sides and top..
Leaving the top open sew a 5/8 side seam down both sides of the skirt.
I start at the bottom and sew up.
Trim your seams up some if needed.

Fold over the top to make a casing..
I folded 5/8 to an inch..
After the first 2 skirts I was able to fold it over with out measuring.

Sew the casing all the way around.
Be careful not to stretch the t-shirt to much when feeding it through the machine.
As it will cause it to sew it stretched out and loose shape.

Then for the drawstring...
Cut a 2 inch wide piece from another T-shirt.
I cut the hem off one then cut the piece for the drawstring.
Stretch it as far as you can then cut it to make a string..

Turn skirt Right side out.
Cut a small slit in the middle of the front.
Or for a different style you could cut it at one of the sides..
Feed it through using the safety pin.
(Picture wouldn't load..).

And you are DONE!!
It took me 30 minutes on the first skirt and less than that on each of the next two!
 This kid modeling wears about a women's 5/6-9/10 depending on the skirt.
 She had to pull this one up quite a bit.
 This is by far the easiest thing I have sewn! I was amazed it went so quick. The first one I tried I had to figure out a little bit because the first instructions I saw were to just cut the sleeves out and that did not work! It looked like it had pockets and it didn't!lol   I used a pocket tee for this skirt and put the pocket in the front.  It will make an excellent modest active skirt as it is right below the knee about 3 inches and you can wear shorts or legging with it like my girls do. They can ride bikes, do chores and swim with out a heavy skirt to slow them down. They are light weight and you can make all sorts of colors. I just wont do t-shirts with anything printed on them because I don't like things that draw attention to the backside! But that's personal preferences..
 So there are the instructions.. If I didnt make something clear(Which is Very possible) Just email or comment and I will try to explain better. I am still having trouble commenting in Blogger and cant figure out why. So fellow blogger people sorry!! I am reading just cant comment for some strange reason...


Blossom said...

wow! that looks like something I could do :) Hmmm perhaps I will go look at 2nd hand stores for oversized tshirts. Thanks so much~

Brenda said...

Tonia - That is very cool! The skirt looks cool and comfortable for summer. You are so smart!

Blossom said...

Pooh, went to the second hand stores in town (there are only 2 in town) but NO large mens tshirts. I was then hoping that I could find xl or 2x womens tshirts...nope~
So instead I found an awesome tan looooong skirt that is just my size and a shirt that is just like one I've had for 10 years that sadly ripped up the side. Also came away with 3 slips (2 for my dd). It was a good time anyway :)
Making skirts for another day ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I don't like stuff printed to my backside either especially on pants or skirts. I switched from Blogger to Wordpress since it's a little bit easier to use and comment but that's my heartily opinion though.



tree ocean said...

Looks so comfy!

tree ocean said...

The comment seemed to work fine when I was already logged in...

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Thanks Brenda!
Blossom at least the visit wasnt a total bust!Lol
Tree I am logged in and if I go to other people's blogs to comment it makes me log in again and now saying that its anonymous and I cant post...I dont know what the deal is!

Faye Henry said...

Hi Tonia..
Your daughter looked sweet in her skirt and such a smart idea.. Nice and cool for summer..
I have been having terrible troubles with blogger, too..
Here's hoping I can comment this time.. Faye..

Anke said...

That's a great idea, especially since you can normally find lots of plain t-shirts in thrift stores. I'll have to try and make some of those.
Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!

Linda said...

Neat! Thanks Tonia - looks easy!