Sunday, May 29, 2011

Coccidiosis And Goats

 So these 2 little boys in the front of the line are the last of my babies this year. With all the rain we have had this May and them being low on the totem pole I thought we were going to have issues with some kind of parasite at some point.. It seems to be inevitable sometimes.
 It started with the Brown one Diego. He got the runs bad.. It also had a little mucous in it. Then with in a day or 2 Skittles had the runs too. So I did a fecal on both of them since the Slippery Elm was Not helping. The Coccidia count was in the high range but not overwhelming but definitely needed something done. Of course you know these things happen when you have no $$... So I looked up what to do naturally...
 First link I checked was  Waltz's Ark-Basic Healing Herbs for goats  and read what they had to say about Cocci. Cocci treatment takes Antibiotic type treatment. Even though Cocci is a parasite.
 So I combined things like Garlic, Cinnamon, Basil, Slippery Elm and Yogurt. Mixed them up and added it to their bottle. They usually sucked it down. After about 2 days of this They weren't better but they were not any worse and still active. So I upped the amounts as much as they would take before refusing the bottle.  
 One bottle was Oatmeal water and cinnamon after about 3 days. Because I knew the oatmeal would help them recuperate. They were slowly getting better. It took another 3 days for the runs to slow down to soft poo. But I was feeding them a couple bottles a day with the stuff added. They started doing better and finally at about 10 days they got goat berries! I eased them back to regular bottles then..
However they had gotten rather thin and still are a little so they are still on a bottle that is 1 cup each of milk and warm water with 2 tablespoons of baby cereal with Probiotics. They are coming out of it. It was a little slower than conventional meds but I think it has worked well. I am just glad they were still on the bottle that they suck down to quick to taste most of the time!!
 Goats have Cocci in their systems at all times just like other parasites. Its when they go into overload that they cause trouble. Usually when the animals are stressed,sick or crowded do the Cocci move in and take over.  Mine have been a little stressed and crowded due to the rainy Spring weather we have been having.
 Hoping that improves now that its almost June!


Brenda said...

I'm glad they're doing better and that you were able to get them over the problem with natural methods.

tree ocean said...

oh coccidosis is so nasty! Friends of mine lost ALL their babies to it one year!
Every baby goat I ever got from auction came down with it.
I found this great electrolyte stuff looked like tang very pricey. $15 a tub powder. When they were on bottle great you just gave them that it had everything including the probios so it kept them hydrated and helped heal the gut.
I had one doeling that had it the worst, and she has always been a little under par, just a delicate girl. I think it does weaken their systems.
The farm they treat with sulfa and maybe nutradrench but I found the nutradrench can make them a little soft so I don't know how I'd feel about it long term with runs..
I have heard cocci gets in the ground and as you said they are more susceptible if stressed. I also believe fescues can cause runs. Are they all on the same pasture?

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

I have been told that Cocci gets in the ground and then you always have it. But I had it Once in a buckling about 6 years ago and did not have it again till this year. Its present in a goats system all the time. So if its in the ground or not they can still get it.
Sulfa Antibiotics are the conventional way of treating. SOme of those drugs though can stunt growth and are very hard on the system. All of my goats but the Buck and his companion are on the same pasture.
Any fresh grass if given to much at once and not use to it can get the runs. Most of my grass here is a fescue mix with plenty of other stuff mixed Clovers, weeds and probably orchard grass. But they have been on grass since early March.

matty said...

I have been afraid of this happening with my gals as they are definitely crowded until the babies leave... in a week or so. We are opening another pasture to give them more room and I have been feeding them more hay than usual just to keep them off the grass.

I always learn so much from you about goaties!

Anonymous said...

We haven't had cocci here in a long time! Our goats are pretty much dry lotted anyways.



Deanna said...

Natural is always better - and usually a lot more work. I'm glad you were able to get them better this way. You are amazingly dedicated.

Oh, and the little turtle in your previous post sure is cute. Thanks for the food for thought.


Providence Acres Farm said...

I'm glad they are better and with natural herbs too! There are a lot of natural herbs that are antibiotic. I use thyme, oregano, calendula, burdock seed, lavender and many others. Calendula is also antifungal.