Monday, April 25, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Falling.......

We have trenches dug everywhere trying to keep it draining..
Goats are complaining to management..
I forgot their platform for wet weather..
It was sitting out in the rain...

Out the backdoor..
This is low compared to the other night.

Cleaned out the barn.
This is waiting for a dry day to mulch the garlic and onions.
Rutabagas are growing like crazy!

Lettuce is either going to be soup or grow fins..

Down next to the Buck pen..
Flowing into the field!
Wishing I had my water tanks....

One of the new additions to Kara's rabbit herd..
Zeus-Holland Lop Buck

A little Holland lop doe
Un-named as of yet...

And another Holland lop doe..
also Un-named......

My girls Easter morning...

Farm girls do dress up occasionally!
We don't buy new clothes just for Easter though.
These are for the most part Yard/Thrift store specials!
 Shoes and One shirt are brand new.
I quit years ago buying Easter outfits.
It was stressful and silly!
 Its been raining pretty much since Thursday almost non stop. Had a little crazy weather Friday night. the weather spotters got called out for a little while. We have had at least 7 inches of rain over the weekend and its still raining . Good for the hay fields!.. That's what we will be making in the yard when it dries up enough to mow again!. I will not complain about the rain because come August we will be wishing for some of this rain! At least its not Snow... **Shuddering** Have a Blessed week everyone!


Missouri Gal said...

The girls look very pretty! I love the Holland's, my daughter and I bred and showed them. We've not gotten the rains you have up here. I saw DNR is closing some parks in Branson and by Poplar Bluff! Hope the rains stop soon!

Amy McPherson Sirk said...

Your girls look beautiful! I hope your family had a wonderful Easter together. More rain is coming. Stay safe and dry.

matty said...

Wow! You need the Ark, not me! You watch those skies! I keep hearing that we haven't seen anything compared to what May is sending us!

Be safe and put life jackets on those goats!

And, the young ladies in your house are quite stunning. I am loving their hair -- thick, full, shiny!

Faye Henry said...

Those girls are gorgeous:-)

Flat Creek Farm said...

Your farm girls look SO pretty!! I hear you on the rain, Missouri sister ;) Very tiring... you have the right idea with the trenches though. I have been considering that! Praying for sunshine-y days ahead... ~Tammy

Brenda said...

The girls are so pretty.

It looks like you found a way to keep the goats from floating away. The trenches are a good idea. Mine had to tip-toe through 4 inches of water inside the barn to get to the milk parlor tonight! I know they'll be glad for the rain to stop for a while. I may have to get them rubber boots if this keep up much longer!

small farm girl said...

Your girls are so pretty! We actually got TWO days without rain. I was sooooo excited. But, it didn't last. It's raining now. lol.

Anonymous said...

We've been having a lot of rain here lately as well! Haven't bought an Easter outfit in years.



Deanna said...

Your girls look very pretty. Yes, raindrops do keep falling, don't they. I keep telling myself that at least our new pond is filling up quickly.

Happy Easter (a bit late)!

Teresa said...

we have gotten a lot of rain here, but not as much as you! We live in the desert so we get very little rain. I love all the green tho. The Girls look pretty!

tree ocean said...

That water is really moving! Bet you're wishing you hadn't cleaned the barn yet since a big mound of bedding would maybe be dry on top, even though you'd be banging your head on top of the barn, lol. Watch those feet, all mine had troubles as soon as the ground thawed, one thing about snow is it keeps their feet clean.

Girls look lovely in their "new" clothes.

Hope you had a nice Easter!

TJ said...

Your girls are beautiful! So sorry about all the rain! Yuck!