Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Kyle installing My new Screen door!!!
He finished it tonight.
Its Beautiful!

 My new to me sewing machine.
It belonged to my Great Aunt.
It was given to me and the girls.
Its from 1978
and lights up like a space ship when you turn it on!

The last little bunny baby left.
We didn't have to even advertise till now! 
Sold 6 others with out once putting them on Craigslist! 

Last two goat boys!
Skittles and Hershey(formerly known as Diego)
 I got an email on them this afternoon..

Kara's latest drawing project..
 My uncle's all chrome Harley..
Some of the eggs we colored last weekend..
 I love coloring eggs.
My niece, nephews and the girls hid them..
There wasn't much left of them
by the time they were done hiding them.

Our newest babies!!
The Praying Mantis egg pods hatched!
 There were probably several hundred!
So they are safely outside where ever I have garden spots!
 Sorry I haven't been posting regularly! We have been going and going and going and well you get the picture!lol. We love our new church! The girls love it and its nice to be involved again. The distance had not allowed us to be involved like we had before when we lived closer. Its small and that took some getting use too.
 We are thinking of taking a year off of 4H. I have been pushed into the position of Club leader and its not what I want to do. I don't mind helping as much as possible but the actual club leader fails to show up or plan anything! I hate to do it but its stressing me out and the girls are willing to take a year off too.
 We plan on enjoying our family more this year and not be running to much. We are also planning on going camping. We haven't been in 2 years. The girls have been asking every year to go. So my parents will come Goat/Chicken/Bunny/Dog-Sit Cats take care of themselves!Lol That is so sweet of them!
 Garden news.... Well Almost all forty of my tomato plants were tossed around by the wind and I was only able to save 3!! The wind caught the shelf and flung them all in a pile... All well it happens!... I bought some to replace. I also got most of my squash planted. Thought it was going to rain tonight so it would soak them good.... Nope it went around us!Lol So I am going to go water them before they wilt to much!
 Have a blessed day and remember Everyday is a GOOD day to give Thanks unto the Lord!


Becky said...

Good to see you posting! I've missed your blog postings! =)
I totally understand about taking a year off. We did this last year with summer sports.
I can't believe those little baby bugs!! CUTE!! What do the pods looks like??

Blondee said...

That drawing is wonderful!

Gorgeous photos!

Kelle said...

Wow, so nice to have such a talented hubby. Mike's that way too, he can make something from basically nothing, it still amazes me to this day*wink*

Sorry to hear about your plants, but you can start again or buy some to replace those and still be in good shape can't you?

Hey, can I pick your brain about goats? First of all our rescued goat girls are coming along nicely. My first question is( I've read lots of goat books too) do does come into heat monthly( I know they have a breeding season) Our large doe has had a bloody discharge and has been very mean to the little doe for several days, is she in heat? She's eating good, giving us 1-3/4 qts milk at night( with her wether on her all day), she doesn't have a temperature and is bright eyed, just extra crabby with the other goats and the discharge( it's minimal( signs of it matted in her tail)
Next question, we've set up corral panels to let them graze, starting them off for short periods30 minutes and building them up gradually. My question is do you leave yours on pasture all day for just a period of time( I don't want them to get to fat and the little doe doesn't stop eating when she's out) Also, we have 5 strand barbed wire fencing, should we run electric wire lower to deter climbing through?

Thank you for any and all advice. :o) We are really enjoying our girls and their kids, and they finally seem to be trusting and getting attached to us now. Ginger( larger doe, whom we're milking) calls to me when she sees me now. I think she is Nubian crossed with possibly Alpine. The small does( has twins) I think is pygora, she seems to have some angora in her, looking at her coat it's fine and soft.

Have a blessed week and again thank you, I'll check back for a reply or you can post on our blog too. :o)


Anonymous said...

Wow - I love your sewing machine cabinet! I wish I had something like that for mine, I keep having to find places to stuff it.
I'm very happy for you that you're enjoying your new church, that must feel so good!

Anonymous said...

Good post! We had rain and thunder here last night.