Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Goat, New Chicks....

We brought 2 chicks home from Brenda's 
I thought they needed a few more friends..
So I came across Cuckoo Maran Pullets!
Cant wait to see their eggs!
Also plan on raising 25 Cornish cross.
I will be getting them next month probably.

Meet Sissy! She also came from Brenda's
Sissy is a sweet girl.
Wouldn't you know it would  get Cold and Rainy
when trying to introduce a new goat!
Everyone is Crabby from being stuck in!

All my plants are up Including my peppers!

And my Comfrey!
It can take up to 3 weeks for Comfrey to germinate..
Mine was up in less that 2! 
  So that's some of what has been going on... I made my first batch of Chevre today. Thanks to Sissy being here! We can feed babies have milk to drink and make a batch of cheese! Before we were feeding babies and having a little left over to drink...
 We have also been selling Goat babies and rabbits! Kara decided to sell her Dwarf Hotots. She likes the Holland lops better. So her Buck-Cotton and one of the younger does went to a new home tonight. We have even sold a baby Holland Lop with out advertising!lol The last 4 will be ready to wean next week. They are so cute. I will get new pics of all the babies soon!
 I also got peas planted finally! Of course we are under a freeze watch right now but  I am not going to worry. Since its cold weather stuff I got planted. I am taking over the yard with garden spots!Lol  I told Kyle Hey less Mowing!!
 Right now I am ready for bed!


Trisha said...

Those chicks are so sweet! How exciting...a new goat too!

Nancy said...

New Spring babies and goaties are always fun and exciting. :)

Becky said...

Love baby chicks! We came home with a bucket calf this weekend for T's 4-H project this year. Babies are just adorable!

tree ocean said...

Aw she is pretty girl! I bought into New Zealand whites years ago and never had much trouble selling them. Not a lot of money in rabbits, selling them barely kept me in feed but it was fun.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new chicks and new goat! My Mom and I used to make chevre cheese when we had goat milk on hand.



OurCrazyFarm said...

What a sweet new doe! Brenda's Lamanche's nearly convinced me to trade in my Nubians:)) Glad to hear you've got lots of milk and new green sprouts!

matty said...

What is the new gal's name??

Love the new diddles. So cute!

~Tonia said...

Her name is Sissy. Even though we call her Sweetie half the time!

~Tonia said...

Oh and Kara has actually done pretty good with her rabbits. Its not a huge profit but they sell for $25-40 each. She has paid for most of her cages and definitely covered the food part. They dont eat much if they are smaller.

Feral Female said...

Very cool! Aren`t Marans the ones that lay the really, really dark eggs?

Congrats on the new arrivals!

Brenda said...

I'm really glad the baby chicks made it ... They had a pretty scary time before your girls rescued them!

Glad you have enough milk now to enjoy making some Chevre! Sissy is a sweet girl. I hope she's doing well with your other girls. I'm sure when the weather gets better, the goat attitudes will get better too. :D

GailinVirginia said...

They all look so sweet and healthy...wishing you great luck with them...looking forward to seeing the Maran Eggs...