Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow???

Mine grows a little here and there!..
I don't have one giant garden spot.
I have lots of little spots here and there..
This is some of my lettuce..
And Strawberries...
They are coming up like crazy!
I need to thin the lettuce out some..

My spearmint!......
 It smells soooo gooood!
Cant wait for tea!

Part of my Long Row of Peas!
The dip in the middle is where they are actually planted.
Feed bags under the rabbit mulch to help smother out weeds.

One of my Black Currant bushes..
I cant wait to use it to make cough syrup!

My black berry bush..
Thought I killed it....

One of the stacks for Tators!
I put it along the back of the house so it gets sun till after noon.
My brother tried this but it was out in full sun and got to hot.
So I thought here it would only get direct sun till noon.
I am going to try a few regular rows of potatoes too..

I have had Puny kids off and on for about 2 almost 3 weeks..
But she couldn't resist the outside despite feeling bad.
This is what I found!Lol

Ms.Dollie went to a new home today.
Hopefully they will be able to tame her down.
They have a stall that is big enough for her
but they can work on getting her tamed down.
I think Dollie hit the jackpot!
Very nice people!
 I have gotten alot of the cool weather stuff planted. Peas, lettuce, Rutabagas, carrots, my mints, Golden oregano, and potatoes. Its suppose to get chilly over the weekend and rain..
 But rain makes the grass and garden grow. Since I don't till or have a huge garden space I don't have to worry about not being able to get in to plant.

Skeeter and Skittles!
Skeeter went to a new home yesterday! 

Check out the Crazy ears in the background!
Only 3 babies not spoken for now!

Kyla and Kara watching something in the pond across the road..
The warm days and green grass does so much for me! It's So nice. Its suppose to be cool this weekend but that's okay I can handle it! Trees are getting leaves and all sorts of green everywhere! Woo Hoo! I want to apologize if I am not making it to every-one's blogs I usually visit. Its been non-stop around here! I will try to catch up!
 One last thing......
 Pleasant words are as an honeycomb,sweet to the soul and health to the bones. Proverbs 16:24


matty said...

You lucky gal! We have rain rain rain and cool weather! I envy your lettuce!

Enjoy this lovely weather!

Julze said...

Great verse, Tonia! Yay for growth is SO exciting :-)

I hope your younguns feel better soon.

God bless,

Rural Rambler said...

Tonia I have to laugh this morning at your "Puny Kid" picture. When I am feeling under the weather I like to do that very thing. Just gets my mind off of things like if it is a tummy thing. Nothing like the outside to cure what ails you! And a porch swing is the cherry on the sundae!

Anonymous said...

Lookin' good!
Yes the warm weather was amazing! I was actually sweating yesterday! But we're back down to freezing temps today :( I haven't been able to get anything planted yet so I started some seeds indoors - our last frost dates aren't until the end of April usually. I've thought about getting currants the past couple of years, but have yet been brave enough to do so. We only had one gooseberry make it so far out of 6. . . We've got so many wild berries around here I can hardly keep up as it is. . .

Becky said...

We are working on our garden this weekend!! Danny has to finish getting the plot tilled up, and then we've got to get the tators in the ground. Tristen joined horticulture in 4H and is growing peas, green beans and moon and stars watermelon. It will be nice to have a sidekick this year!
We killed off to blueberry bushes last year. I got another one for this season, but if this one dies too I am just giving up! ;)

the Goodwife said...

Sorry your girls aren't feelin' well. It does feel good to have some nice weather doesn't it? Don't worry about not visiting blogs, it's that time of year!!

Deanna said...

I hope these warmer temperatures have helped everyone to feel better. Isn't it amazing how no matter how harsh the winter is, green starts sprouting even when you don't expect it to - like your blackberry bush! You might want to cover some of those garden spots with the weather they are predicting by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

My Dad has his peas planted as well but he has raised beds in different areas of our property though.



Shanster said...

Spring is that way - busy, busy, busy! Hope the kiddoes feel better soon - enjoy the sunshine and green things growing! I hope my raspberry bush made it... fingers crossed!

Brenda said...

I like the way you garden. I think I'll try some "container" gardening this year since milking the goats and making cheese takes up too much time for a big garden.

Your goat babies look like their having so much fun running and playing!

Mrs. Mike said...

The world is awakening! The hops has sprouted and the ducks are filling their nest.
That first couple of weeks after the babies fill the barn can be tiring! Enjoy the lengthening days-

WeldrBrat said...

You are not alone! We've been going crazy outside when we're not getting rain. And it's been wonderful seeing all the green and the blossoms coming!!!!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Okay~ now you've really convinced me~ moving to MO sounds better all the time:)) We just got buried under 9" or so of snow~ ugghh!! I can't remember what green grass looks like! The pics are great!